Technical specifications, Appendix – Canon LV-7575 User Manual

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● Specifications are subject to change without notice.

● LCD panels are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Even though 99.99% of the pixels are effective, a tiny fraction of the

pixels (0.01% or less) may be ineffective by the characteristics of the LCD panels.

● Each projector has its own characteristics.

When projecting with several projectors on the same screen or side by side, you may recognize different white balance and color
uniformity on each projector.


User’s Manual (CD-ROM)
Quick Start Guide
AC Power Cord
Wireless/Wired Remote Control Transmitter and Batteries
VGA Cable
USB Cable
Control Cable for Serial Port
Lens Cap
Lens Replacement And Installation Manual
PIN Code Label
Warranty Card

Multi-media Projector


1.3” TFT Active Matrix type, 3 panels

8.7 kg (19.2 lbs)

319.0 mm x 168.0 mm x 429.5 mm (12.6” x 6.61” x 16.8”)

1024 x 768 dots

2,359,296 (1024 x 768 x 3 panels)


Up and Down (1:1 to 10:0)

800 TV lines (HDTV)

INT. SP. Stereo (R and L), 3 watt RMS (T.H.D. 10%)

5˚C–35˚C (41˚F ~ 95˚F)

-10˚C–60˚C (14˚F ~ 140˚F)

Projector Type

Net Weight


(W x H x D)

Panel Resolution

Number of Pixels

Color System

Scanning Frequency

Horizontal Resolution

Built-in Speakers

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

LCD Panel System

318 watt type

Projection Lamp

0˚ to 10.5˚

Feet Adjustment

Power Source


AA or LR6 ALKALINE Type x 2

Operating Range


5 m (16.4’)/±30˚



50 mm x 36 mm x 193 mm (2.0” x 1.4” x 7.6”)

Net Weight


160 g (0.35 lbs) (including batteries)

Laser Pointer


Class II Laser

(Max. Output: 1mW/Wave length: 650±20nm)

Remote Control Transmitter

480i, 480p, 575i, 575p, 720p, 1035i, and 1080i

High Definition TV Signal

H-sync. 15 kHz–100 kHz, V-sync. 48–100 Hz

Motorized Lens Shift

DVI Terminal (Digital) HDCP Compatible, HDB 15-pin Terminal (Analog),
and Stereo Mini Type Jack (Audio)

Input 1 Jacks

BNC Type x 5 (G or VIDEO/Y, B or Cb/Pb, R or Cr/Pr, H/V, and V) and
Stereo Mini Type Jack (Audio)

Input 2 Jacks

RCA Type x 3 (VIDEO/Y, Cb/Pb and Cr/Pr), RCA Type x 2 (Audio R and L),
and DIN 4-pin (S-Video)

Input 3 Jacks

DIN 8-pin (Control port), USB port (Series B receptacle), Wired Remote Jack ,
and Network Imager Connector

Other Jacks

Adjustable from 31” to 400”

Projection Image Size (Diagonal)

F1.8–2.1 lens with f=48.4 mm–62.8 mm Motor zoom and focus

Projection Lens

1.4 m (4.6’)–14.7 m (48.2’)

Throw distance

AC 100–120 V (5.7 A Max. Ampere), 50/60 Hz (The U.S.A and Canada)
AC 200–240 V (2.7 A Max. Ampere), 50/60 Hz (Continental Europe)

Voltage and Power