Battery cover installation – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Getting Started


Battery Cover Installation

Battery Cover


Use handset with Battery Cover installed.


If Battery Cover is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Protective Sheet Cautions

Heat Caution

Protective Sheet (

) may be hot to the touch while

power is on or immediately after powering off, leading to
burn injuries.

Under Protective Sheet

There are Battery and precision parts under Protective
Sheet. Do not peel, damage or subject it to impact; may
cause malfunction, overheating, ignition, electric shock,
impairment, burn injuries, etc.

Removing Battery Cover

Always power off beforehand.
If handset is hot, wait until it cools down after powering off.

・Use notch (○) to lift Battery Cover. Push up Battery Cover

along edges to remove it.

Installing Battery Cover

・Press down firmly where shown (○) starting from top of

handset without leaving gaps. Do not apply excessive force
to Battery Cover; damage may result.