Usim card installation, Handling usim card, Inserting usim card – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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USIM Card Installation

USIM Card is an IC card containing customer and
authentication information, including handset number.

Handling USIM Card

・Customer is responsible for any damage caused by inserting

USIM Card in an other-brand IC card reader, etc. SoftBank
Mobile Corp. is not responsible in such case.

・Always keep the IC chip (metal) clean.
・Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth.
・Avoid applying labels. May damage USIM Card.
・See instructions included with USIM Card for handling.
・USIM Card is the property of SoftBank Mobile Corp.
・USIM is replaceable (at cost) in case of loss/damage.
・Return USIM Card to SoftBank Mobile Corp. when cancelling


・Returned USIM Cards are recycled for environmental


・Note that USIM Card specifications and performance may

change without notice.

・It is recommended that you keep a separate copy of

information that is stored on USIM Card. SoftBank
Mobile Corp. is not responsible for damages from stored
information that is lost.

・Always follow emergency procedures to suspend service if

your USIM Card or handset (USIM Card inserted) is lost/
stolen. For details, contact

Customer Service


・Always power off handset before inserting/removing USIM


IC chip (metal)

Inserting USIM Card

Always power off beforehand.
If handset is hot, wait until it cools down after powering off.
Do not touch Protective Sheet while handset is hot; may cause
burn injuries.

Remove Battery Cover

・Use notch (○) to lift Battery Cover. Push up Battery Cover

along edges to remove it.

Insert USIM Card into USIM Card Slot

・Check orientation of USIM Card (see notch), then gently

place it with IC chip facing down.

Attach Battery Cover

・Press down firmly where shown (○) starting from top of

handset without leaving gaps. Do not apply excessive force
to Battery Cover; damage may result.