Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 223

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Safety Precautions


When handset is connected to Charger, do not

apply excessive force by stomping or in any

other way.

When Port or connector is damaged, charging may cause
malfunction or fire. Charge as directed.

Do not place handset or Charger in/on ovens,

microwave ovens, pressure cookers, induction

stoves or other cooking appliances.

Internal Battery may leak, overheat, burst or ignite.
Handset/Charger may overheat, emit smoke, ignite,
malfunction, etc.

Keep handset off and Charger disconnected

near gas stations or places with fire/explosion


May ignite gas. Use in presence of inflammable gases
(propane gas, gasoline, etc.) or dust-filled surroundings
may cause explosion, fire, etc.

Do not drop/throw or subject to strong impact.

Internal Battery may leak, overheat, burst or ignite,
resulting in fire, electric shock, malfunction, etc.

If you notice unusual sound/odor, smoke or any

other abnormality, follow these steps.

1. Grasp plug and disconnect Charger. Handset or related
hardware may be hot to the touch; remove handset from
Charger, being careful not to burn yourself.
2. Power off, being careful not to burn or injure yourself.
Use in an abnormal condition may cause fire, electric shock,

Keep External Device Port away from liquids

(tap water, beverage, sea water, pet urine,

etc.) and conductive materials (pencil lead,

metal strip/jewelry, etc.).

May cause fire, burns, malfunction, etc. due to short-

Do not place handset or related hardware

on unstable surfaces; take added care when

Vibration is set or while charging.

Handset or related hardware may fall, resulting in injury,
malfunction, etc. A fall while charging may cause damage
to connector.

When removing Charger from handset, hold by

Micro USB plug and do not pull cord/cable.

Pulling plug by cord/cable may damage cord/cable or
connector and cause fire, electric shock, etc.

Keep handset and related hardware away from

infants and pets.

Infants and pets may choke from swallowing handset or
related hardware or be injured, etc.

For use of handset/related hardware by child,

explain instructions and supervise use.

Misuse may cause injury or other problems.