Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 225

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Safety Precautions



Handset Display uses acrylic resin.
Do not subject to shock (dropping, etc.) or

excessive force.

May cause Display to break and scatter pieces.
If Display breaks, be careful not to directly touch shards
or broken parts of Display.
May cause injury.

Do not use handset while driving or cycling.

Accidents may result.
Phone use while driving or cycling is prohibited by law and
subject to penalty; park legally beforehand.

Power off near electronic devices that employ

high precision control systems or weak signals.

May cause electronic malfunctions or other problems. Take
added care near these devices: Hearing aids, implanted
pacemakers/defibrillators and other electronic medical
equipment; fire alarms, automatic doors and other
automatic control devices.

Power off before boarding aircraft to avoid

possible radio wave interference with aircraft


If mobile phone use is allowed on board, follow airline
instructions regarding handset use.

Users with a heart condition should adjust

ringtone Vibration and Volume as needed.

May cause heart damage.

If thunder is audible while outdoors, power

off; find cover.

There is a risk of lightning strike or electric shock.

Do not shine Mobile Light in eyes.

May temporarily affect eyesight or startle, leading to

Do not cover/wrap handset with a cloth or

blanket while charging. In addition, do not

leave handset covered with a cloth or blanket

when going to bed.

Heat may collect, resulting in fire, burns, malfunction, etc.