Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 226

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Protective Sheet may be hot to the touch while

power is on or immediately after powering off.

When removing Battery Cover, power off and

wait until handset cools down.

May cause burn injuries.

Do not peel, damage or subject Protective

Sheet to impact.

There are Battery and precision parts under Protective
Do not peel, damage or subject it to impact; may cause
malfunction, overheating, ignition, electric shock,
impairment, burn injuries, etc.

Do not use handset when it may affect a

vehicle's electronic equipment.

Handset use inside vehicles may cause electronic equipment
to malfunction, resulting in accidents.

For any skin irritation associated with use,

discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Metal and other materials may cause skin irritation, rashes,
or itchiness depending on your physical condition.

Keep handset away from magnetic items (e.g.,

magnetic cards).

Data on bank cards, credit cards, telephone cards, floppy
disks, etc. may be lost.

Handset may become hot during prolonged use

in extreme heat (fire, heat sources, direct

sunlight, inside vehicles, etc.), or in a warm

place or where heat collects, such as under a

kotatsu (blanketed warming table) or electric

blanket, next to a kairo (worn warming patch),


Prolonged contact with skin may cause burns.

When using handset for an extended period

(e.g., to play game applications) while charging,

handset and Charger may become hot; avoid

prolonged contact with hot parts.

May cause burns or other problems.

Always maintain some distance from Speaker

while ringtones, music or other handset sounds


Excessive volume may damage ears or hearing.

Moderate handset Volume when using


Excessive volume may damage ears or hearing.