Basic operations, Applications list – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Basic Operations


Applications List

Applications installed on handset at time of purchase are the





Save phone numbers and email addresses.
In addition to email addresses, save
birthdays, nicknames, etc.
Set individual ringtone for each contact.


Photos and videos captured with Camera
are automatically sorted into PORTRAIT,
EVENT, and MAP tabs. Reorganize sorted
photos and videos yourself, and use online
services such as Picasa™ and mixi.



Save contacts, bookmarks, calendar, and S!
Mail data on your smartphone to a cloud
server or SD Card, and download server
data to your smartphone.
Also use to transfer data from an old
smartphone to your new smartphone.

(App Pass)

Download without limit popular and
standard applications in categories
including entertainment, games, tools,
lifestyle, and business.
Special offers include monthly tickets for
additional item purchases.



Ebook service offering comics, books,
photographic collections, and magazines.
Select ebook on website, and then
download/purchase via a special viewer


Access the Internet and browse webpages.
Bookmark frequently browsed pages.
Open and switch between several


Perform basic operations (addition,
subtraction, multiplication, division),
percent, and root calculations.
Memory functions allow many different


Check calendar and manage events.
Switch between day, week, and month
Sync online with Google Calendar™.


Access the Internet and search/browse
Supports syncing of bookmarks and other
data with PC edition of Chrome.
Also supports secret tab and other
privacy functions.

(Clip Now)

Slide your finger along top edge of
handset to capture screenshots. URLs also
saved for webpages.
Easy viewing and sharing of captured


Use alarm, world clock, stopwatch, and
View times around the world with the
world clock.
Add a region to view times in multiple
regions at the same time.



View photos, videos, music, and other
files saved to SD Card.
Check microSD and handset settings.


Look up words in built-in dictionary.
Save looked-up words in word cards.
Search a variety of updated information
from Net Dictionaries.



Post, view, and delete whereabouts
information in the event of a major
disaster, such as a "6弱" (roku-jyaku, "6
Lower") or larger earthquake.
Set notification to be automatically sent
to a pre-specified email address after
posting whereabouts information.


View history of browser downloads.
Re-sort files sorted by time according to
size, and select and delete downloaded
files in a batch.


Google Drive™ is a Google online storage
service. Save and share files with Google


Register an email account for sending and
receiving home or office email while out
on the go.
Handset allows you to register several
email accounts.


Official application for the world's largest
social networking service, Facebook.
View profiles and post photos/messages.
Check friends' photos and updates.


Use Google's email service Gmail anytime
and anywhere.
Enter keywords to search for messages,
and add labels to organize messages.


Search for information on the Internet
and for applications on handset using
Google Search™.
View webpages from around the world
as well as maps, videos, location/train
information for establishments, and much
other related information.



Make settings for all Google services in
one place: Google+ access and access for
applications linked to Google+, Google
Maps™, Google Search, etc.



Social networking service provided by
Register friends, family, friends with the
same interest, etc. as circles and share
information with circle members.


Quickly check operation instructions for
SoftBank smartphones.
Also view User Guide for your smartphone.
Quickly access a FAQ site.