Basic operations – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Basic Operations




Receive emergency earthquake alerts
and tsunami warnings from the Japan
Meteorological Agency.
When an alert is received for your area,
handset sounds an alert, vibrates, and a
message appears.
Disaster and evacuation information can
also be received from the national and
local governments.


General entertainment application
providing all-you-can-view service for
over 60 thousand varied titles spanning
popular movies, dramas, and cartoons to
music videos, live concerts, and karaoke.
Full stock of original contents available
only with UULA.


Protection for smartphones from virus
Detects viruses infecting from installed
applications, email attachments, and SD



Record and play back audio from
conferences and interviews on SD Card.
Fast-forward and rewind. View list of
recorded files from playback screen.



Search for information on the Internet by
speaking into handset without any typing.
View webpages as well as maps,
videos, location/train information for
establishments, and much other related


Activating application reports where
closest Wi-Fi spot is located.
Convenient when desiring a fast Internet
connection, such as enjoying videos/
games or downloading large-volume data,
particularly while outside.


Spot Settings)

Allows handset to connect (log on) to
SoftBank Wi-Fi spots automatically in
SoftBank Wi-Fi spot service areas.
Requires subscription to SoftBank Wi-Fi
spot service.


for SH) (Y!
tenki for SH)

Check weather forecasts for a preset
region or local area. Check weather and
predicted rainfall from Status Indicator
while using another application.


内) (Y! norikae

Official application from "Y!路線情報" (Y!
rosen joho, "Yahoo! railway information")
 allows route searches as well as viewing
of train/bus maps and delay information.
View railway scheduling, routes, and delay
information for all of Japan (information
unavailable in some instances), as well
as routes including bus and airway


ス) (Y! box)

Storage service allowing easy saving,
browsing, and publishing of photos,
videos, text files, and audio files.
Computer-compatible, so files saved from
a smartphone can also be viewed from a
home computer.


Smartphone-edition for launching Yahoo!
JAPAN. Features many different search
menus, including "リアルタイム" (real time)
for catching "tweets."
Check news, weather, disaster, and other
have-to-know-now information.


JAPAN Widget
for SoftBank)

Search the Internet using Yahoo! Search.
Also open Yahoo! JAPAN top page.


地図) (Yahoo!

In addition to searching maps, search for
nearby facilities and establishments as
well as routes to destinations.
Search by address or genre, or by location
and purpose in keywords (example,
"Roppongi izakaya").
Route searches to establishments appear
on maps for walking or by vehicle as
Recommended rain cloud indicator feature
is useful for checking current and
following rain cloud locations before
heading out.
* Indicator appears only where rain is


View a variety of video content uploaded
to YouTube.
View in high-quality mode on handset.
Upload videos captured on handset.


ビLink) (ichi
navi Link)

Allows handset location to be searchable
by another user.
Requires the searching user to be
subscribed to ichi-navi option service.


スト) (onsei

Assistant responds in audio to voice
Speaking inquiries such as "Tomorrow's
weather," "Roppongi to Asakusa," or "What
day is it today" prompt responses with
found information. Also operate handset
with commands such as "Call Sato-san,"
"Activate camera," or "Wake me at 8



Capture words/phrases in Chinese or
Korean and translate into Japanese.
Select text in captured image screen and
search the Internet, dictionary, etc.
Also translate in real time by holding
handset Camera over text.


(cover colle)

Design an original cover from a large
selection of artwork parts including
frames, illustrations, and lettering. Also
create a Shirato family Otosan character


(smart select)

Download "app packs" containing a
selection of applications or "selects" of
applications and home screens in one
Apply the "selects" contents to customize
entire handset home screen.