Mobile manners, Text entry, 29 text entry – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 31: Basic operations, Airplane mode caution, Manner mode, Selecting manner mode option, Airplane mode, Keyboards, Switching keyboards

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Basic Operations


Mobile Manners

Airplane Mode Caution


Airplane mode

disables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth



interrupting corresponding transmissions.


connections can be used even in Airplane

mode by enabling Wi-Fi/Bluetooth


after activating

Airplane mode

; make sure that such connection/

transmission is allowed in your current location before use.

Manner Mode

Mute ringtones and other handset sounds to avoid disturbing
others around you.

・Camera shutter sound, video recording tones, music, video/

game sounds, etc. still play even in Manner mode.

In Welcome sheet (lock screen) or Feel UX Home, Long Press
Volume Down Key

Manner mode activates.

・To cancel, in Welcome sheet (lock screen) or Feel UX Home,

Long Press Volume Down Key.

Selecting Manner Mode Option

(Long Press)

Tap icon (e.g.,


Airplane Mode

Leaving power on, suspend signal-transmitting functions.

(Long Press)

Phone options appear.

Airplane mode

Airplane mode activates.

・To cancel, Long Press

, then Tap

Airplane mode


Text Entry


Use onscreen keyboards for text entry. In 12-key Keyboard,
multiple characters are assigned to each key. In QWERTY
Keyboard, a single letter is assigned to each key.

・Tap a text entry field for keyboard. To hide it, Tap


・Text entry descriptions are for iWnn IME - SH edition

(default input method).

Switching Keyboards

In a text entry window,

Input UI

QWERTY keyboard


12 keyboard

Keyboard is switched.