Hiding contacts, Basic operations, Canceling screen lock – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 45: If you forget pattern for canceling screen lock, Screen lock caution, Specifying contacts as secret entries

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Basic Operations


Canceling Screen Lock


to open Welcome sheet (lock screen).

In Welcome sheet (lock screen), Drag


Screen lock is canceled.

・Screen lock option can be changed. See "

Lock & Security


" for details.

If You Forget Pattern for Canceling
Screen Lock

When drawing a pattern to cancel Screen Lock with a
Google Account set up,

Pattern reminder

appears after

failing to cancel Screen Lock five consecutive times.

Pattern reminder

and sign in to the Google Account

to cancel Screen Lock.

Screen Lock Caution

Do not forget pattern, Lock No. passcode or password set
for canceling Screen lock (write it down if necessary). If
you forget it, visit the nearest SoftBank Shop for recovery
procedure. Note that your files and settings will be lost
during the recovery process.

Hiding Contacts

Specify contacts as secret entries requiring Operation
Password for viewing.

Specifying Contacts as Secret Entries

Contacts specified as secret are not shown in contacts
window, destination selection window, etc.

・Phone number is shown for arriving call.

In app sheet,


Other settings

Secrecy settings

Enter Operation Password


Secrecy settings open.

・If confirmation appears, follow onscreen prompts.

Set contact secrecy

Set contact secrecy window opens.

Tap contact to set as secret (


・Several contacts are selectable.