Phone, Dialing from address book, Address book operations – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Saving Contact from Call Window

Save number entered in Call Window directly to Address

In app sheet,




Tap dialpad keys to enter number to save

Add to Address Book

Follow onscreen prompts

Syncing with Contacts on Server

Sync handset Address Book with Google contacts, etc. on
server. Also sign in to a Google account before syncing
with a non-Google account.

In app sheet,


Tap account type

Tap account

Tap application or data to sync (


Dialing from Address Book

In app sheet,


(Address Book)

Address Book opens.

Tap tab

Tap contact

Contact opens.

Address Book Operations

Changing View of Address Book

In Address Book,

Change view

Tap view

Viewing All Contacts in Favorites

In Address Book,

on Action Bar

・To return to Address Book, Tap

on Action Bar.

Making a Call

In contact details,

at right of number

Sending Email

In contact details,

at right of number or email


Create/send email

・If selection window for email application appears, follow

onscreen prompts.