Hope Tech DH Stem User Manual

2010 dh stem - instructions

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Product specifications :
Handlebar clamp diameter : 31.8mm (oversize) only
Length and rise : 50mm - 0°

Before you start :
The stem is only designed for 1 1/8” (28.6mm) steerer tubes. Ensure that the steerer is cut cleanly and level and any
burrs (inside and out) are removed. The stem should sit, once installed, on top of all headset parts and spacers, so that
the steerer tube is approximately 3 to 5mm below the top of the stem (this is to allow sufficient adjustment of the
headset to take place). This is equivalent to 40mm to 42mm of clear space on the steerer tube above all headset parts
and spacers (see Figure A).

Ensure the steerer tube and handlebar clamp areas are both clean and dry (no grease!)

It is also advisable to remove all bolts from the stem and apply a small amount of grease to the threads and under
the head of the bolt. If you are fitting Titanium bolts, it is preferable to use copper slip grease or Ti-Prep to
avoid seizing.

Installation :
With the laser etching facing up, slide the stem onto the steerer tube and push down
until it touches the spacers. If not already done, at this stage, it will be necessary to undo
the steerer tube bolts to allow the stem to slide freely onto the tube.

Install the top cap and compression bolt of the head doctor (or other adjustment device) as
per manufacturer’s specifications (typically preload the headset bearings until all play is
removed but rotation is still smooth). (see Figure B)

Re install the 3 greased steerer tube clamp bolts and slightly tighten them. When you are
happy with the stem orientation (making sure the stem is in line with the front wheel!),
tighten the steerer tube bolts to 10-12 Nm, alternating between the three bolts to ensure
even clamping until torque setting is achieved (see Figure C).
Note : To help to align the stem, the bars could be put in place and slightly tightened at this

Install the handlebar and position the handlebar clamp making sure the etched logo is
facing up.
Install the 2x top clamp bolts (previously greased) and slightly tighten them.
When you are satisfied with the handlebar position, first tighten the 2 top clamp bolts to
9-10 Nm. Alternate between the 2 bolts until torque setting is achieved and the front plate
is sitting flush against the stem body (see Figure D).
Install and tighten the 2 bottom clamp bolts to 9-10 Nm. Alternate between the 2 bolts until
torque setting is achieved. There should be an assembly gap between the front plate and
the stem body (see Figure E).

Maintenance :
Periodically check the hardware for tightness. Be careful not to over-tight the bolts !
Periodically regrease hardware using appropriate grease.
Regulary inspect all parts of the stem for damage and cracks, especially after any big crash !

Note :
All CrMo Steel bolts used in the stem are 10.9 DIN grade. Do not substitute them for lower strength bolts.
You can use one of Hope’s Ti bolt upgrade. Ti bolts are Ti 6Al 4V and custom made for Hope stems. Do not use any lower strength bolts.
Do not use shorter bolt length than the one specified here. Full thread engagement is required, all bolts used are M6 x 20mm.

Warranty :

All Hope Technology stems are covered for one year from original date of purchase against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship. Proof of
purchase is required. Products must be returned to the original place of purchase or to Hope Technology to process any warranty claim.
This warranty does not cover any damage caused through mis-use or failing to comply by the recommendations given in this manual.
This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Hope Technology, Fernbank Avenue, Barnoldswick, Lancashire, BB18 5UX, United Kingdom

Tel : 00 44 (0) 1282 851 200

Tools: 5mm allen key, torque wrench



4 -



Figure B

3 - 5mm

(3x) M6 x 20mm: 10-12 Nm

Figure C

Figure A

Figure D

Figure E

M6 x 20mm

9-10 Nm

M6 x 20mm

9-10 Nm


Flush mount

Assembly gap