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Page 142: Hiding hints and tips, Listing shooting modes by icon, Adjusting the touch-screen panel

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Automatically Locking the Touch-Screen Panel

To prevent unintended operations, you can set up automatic locking of the

touch-screen panel.

Choose [Screen auto-lock settings] on

the [ 3] tab, choose [Screen auto lock],

and then choose [Enable].

Choose [Auto-locks after], and then

choose an option.

To unlock the touch-screen panel, press

the shutter button halfway.

The touch-screen panel is not locked when the screen is about
180° open.

The touch-screen panel can also be unlocked by pressing or
turning controls, such as the [

] button or [

] dial.

Cleaning the Image Sensor

The image sensor is automatically cleaned to remove dust whenever you

turn the camera on or off, or when the camera shuts off in Power Saving

mode. You can disable automatic cleaning or activate cleaning as needed.

Disabling Auto Cleaning


Access the setting screen.

Turn the camera on in Shooting mode,

choose [Sensor cleaning] on the [ 3] tab,

and press the [ ] button.

Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [Auto


], and then press the [ ]


Hiding Hints and Tips

Guidance is normally shown when you choose items in the Quick Set

menu (= 31) or on the shooting screen (= 63). If you prefer, you

can deactivate this information.

Choose [Hints & Tips] on the [ 3] tab,

and then choose [Off].

Listing Shooting Modes by Icon

List shooting modes on the selection screen by icon only, without mode

names, for faster selection.

Choose [Mode icon size/info] on the [ 3]

tab, and then choose [Small, no info].

Adjusting the Touch-Screen Panel

Sensitivity of the touch-screen panel can be increased, so that the camera

responds to a lighter touch.

Choose [Touch Operation] on the [ 3]

tab, and then choose [Sensitive].