Hypercom IN-tact 1101 User Manual

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Ethernet CAT5 Daisy Chain Cable Example Using Existing
EIA/TIA T568 (A or B) Ethernet Wiring

Note: There is a variable relationship between the total number of terminals that can be supported
and the length of any given cable run. Longer individual runs mean fewer terminals. Likewise,
shorter runs mean more terminals. Building wiring will dictate the total number of terminals that can
be supported. The maximum length of cabling that can be supported is 4000 ft. Total distance on
any run is the sum of the distance to and from the terminal.

Interconnecting Terminal Cables

To use the IN-tact 1101 on a daisy chain type of network, you may use the
Hypercom RJ-11 cable (P/N 810339-001). This cable is CAT5 with a 6-pin male
RJ-11 to male RJ-11. The length of the cable is 10 ft. (3 meters). If longer or
shorter lengths of cable between terminals are required, you can manufacture
your own cables using the wiring diagram provided below. Correct polarity must
be observed. Please refer to the IN-tact 1101 Hardware Guide for detailed
information on custom cabling.

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