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Dolphin® 7600 User’s Guide

Rev D


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Battery Charging

Inserting and Removing Battery Packs

To insert a battery pack, place the end of the battery without the locking tab into the bottom of the charging pocket and snap the
battery into place with a hinging motion.

To remove a battery pack, push the locking tab down and pull the battery away from the charging slot with a hinging motion.

Charging Process

The QuadCharger charges Dolphin 7600 Li-ion battery packs in four hours. Each charging slot works independently of the other
three. As battery packs charge, the charging circuitry follows the two-step charging process (CC-CV) that is recommended for
Li-Ion batteries. The process monitors changes in temperature, current, and voltage.


The QuadCharger charges Dolphin 7600 Li-ion battery packs in four hours when charged within the recommended temperature
range of 50° to 95° F (10


to 35


C). Temperature has a significant effect on charging. For best results, battery packs should be

at room temperature before inserting in the QuadCharger.

When the battery temperature exceeds 40


C, the QuadCharger may exceed the stated four-hour charge time. The

QuadCharger stops charging if the battery temperature is greater than 40


C but will begin charging again when the battery

temperature is less than 40



To Charge Batteries in the QuadCharger

1. Supply the QuadCharger with power and turn the power switch on.

2. Insert batteries into the appropriate slots.

The Status LED for each slot turns orange to indicate that the battery is properly seated and has begun a charge cycle.

3. When the Status LED turns green, the battery in the slot has completed charging.

Recommendations for Storing Batteries

To maintain top performance from batteries, follow these storage guidelines:

Avoid storing batteries outside of the specified temperature range of -4 to 122° F (-20 to 50°C) or in extremely high humidity.

For prolonged storage, do not keep batteries stored in a charger that is connected to a power source.