HP 50g Graphing Calculator User Manual

Hp 50g, Graphing calculator

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A new more powerful HP 50g
HP Graphing Calculators feature easy-to-use, powerful
tools that students and professionals can rely on and
trust for years of performance, including:

• Powerful built-in graphing functions, constants and


• Built-in lessons and step-by-step problem solving

• The choice of efficient RPN, Textbook or Algebraic

data entry

• User-friendly Computer Algebra System (CAS)

• Expansive memory with SD card* slot

• Flexible connectivity and communication options

• Large high-contrast display with adjustable

font type and size

• Award-winning HP quality and support 24/7, plus

on-line tutorials and emulators

Built for performance

• New display upgrade—the new HP 50g display

features a 30% increase in usable space over
the HP 49g+

• New powerful SD card slot allows you to format your

card right in the calculator and expand memory

• Massive 2.5 MB total memory—512 KB RAM plus

2 MB flash ROM for performing future upgrades**

• Isolate and evaluate sub-expressions using the

intelligent editor—plus cut, paste and copy objects

• New larger equation library and 2300+ built-in

functions—ideal for both professionals and students

The new HP 50g Graphing Calculator provides the best
in power, flexibility and connectivity for math, science
and engineering professionals and college students.
It now features a more capable SD card slot, 2.5 MB total
memory**, new RS232 and USB connectivity, and a built-in
intelligent editor that gives you more capability than ever

HP 50g

Graphing calculator