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Manual haier - HDE10WNA

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Two Door Manual Defrost


Le Manuel de Deux Portes

Dégivrent le


User Manual-

model # HDE10WNA, HDE11WNA

Guide de l’Utilisateur-

El Manual de Dos Puertas

Descongela el


(Las funciones pueden variar

según el modelo)

Manual del Usuario-

para modelos de HDE10WNA, HDE11WNA

(Features may vary by model)

(Les caractéristiques peuvent

varier en fonction du modèle)

modèles HDE10WNA, HDE11WNA

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Summary of Contents

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    Two Door Manual Defrost Refrigerators Le Manuel de Deux Portes Dégivrent le Réfrigérateurs User Manual- model # HDE10WNA, HDE11WNA Guide de l’Utilisateur- El Manual de Dos Puertas Descongela el Refrigeradores (Las funciones pueden variar según el modelo)
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    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Read all of the instructions before using this appliance.When using this appliance, always exercise basic safetyprecautions, including the following: 1) Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this use and care
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    2 Thank you for using our Haier product. This easy-to-use manual willguide you in getting the best use ofyour refrigerator. Remember to record the model andserial number. They are on a label inback of the refrigerator. Model number Serial number Date of
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    English 3 Table Of Contents PAGE Safety Precautions ...........................................................................1 Parts And Features ..........................................................................4 Installing Your Refrigerator ............................................................5
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    Parts And Features English 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1. Full Width Freezer Shelf2. Ice Cube Tray3. Automatic Interior Light4. Automatic Temperature Control5. 3 Adjustable Full Width Wire Shelves6. Clear Plastic Crisper Cover7. 2 Clear Crispers 8. Adjustable
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    1. Remove all packaging material. This includes the foam base and all adhesive tape holding the refrigerator accessories inside andoutside. Slide out and remove plastic or foam guard used tosecure the compressor from shipping damage due to vibrationand shock.
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    English Electrical Requirement • Make sure there is a suitable power Outlet (115 volts, 15 amps outlet) with proper grounding to power the refrigerator. • Avoid the use of three plug adapters or cutting off the third grounding in order to accommodate a two
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    Freezer Door: (see fig. # 1) 1. Remove hinge cover screw.2. Remove the top hinge cover.3. Loosen the top hinge screws using a phillips head screwdriver.4. Adjust the door or put a spacer in between and then tighten the screws.5. Replace the top hinge cover.
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    English English 8 Left/right door opening method: This product provides the reversing of the left/right door opening. Youcan select your preference of door opening by following the procedure tomake the change. Dismantling: (see fig. # 1 and fig. # 3) 1.
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    English 9 Reinstallation: (see fig. # 4 and # 5) 1. As shown in fig. 4, dismantle the lower hinge and plastic pad from right side and then install them on the left side. 2. To install refrigerator door: make the left bottom hole of the refrigerator compartment
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    English English 10 Refrigerator Features And Use The refrigerator shelves of your refrigerator were designed with you inmind. Their varied adjustability allows you to satisfy your personal storage needs. To remove or adjust a full-width slide-out shelf:
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    English 11 To remove and install the crisper: (see fig. # 7) 1. Grip the crisper firmly and slide out completely. 2. Replace the crisper by placing the crisper properly in position and gently sliding it back into place. Removing or replacing the crisper
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    English English 12 To remove refrigerator door shelves: (see fig. # 9) 1. Remove all items stored on the shelf. 2. Gently push up each side until the shelf is clear of the door shelf brackets and then remove. To replace refrigerator door shelves: (see fig.
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    English English 13 To adjust the door shelf bottle huggers: (see fig #10) 1. Grasp the hugger firmly and slide right or left until it is snug against the items stored on the shelf. Adjusting or removing the full-width freezer shelf:(see fig. # 11) 1. Grasp
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    English • For maximum energy efficiency, defrost freezer section whenever frost accumulates to a thickness of 1/4" or moreon freezer walls. Note that frost tends to accumulate more during the summer months. • To defrost freezer, remove food and ice cube
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    15 Fresh Food • When storing fresh food, which is not prepackaged, be sure to wrap or store food in airtight and moisture proof material unless otherwisenoted. This will ensure proper shelf life and prevent the transfer ofodors and tastes. • Wipe containers
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    16 Frozen Food • Proper freezer storage requires correct packaging. All foods must be in packages, which do not allow the flow of air or moisture in, or out.Improper storage will result in odor and taste transfer and will result inthe drying out of the improperly
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    17 Warning: To avoid electric shock always unplug yourrefrigerator before cleaning. Ignoring this warningmay result in death or injury. Caution: Before using cleaning products, always read andfollow manufacturer’s instructions and warnings toavoid personal
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    English English 18 1. Switch off power to refrigerator.2. Remove the highest shelf.3. Allow light bulb to cool before removing.4. Pinch the plastic cover between fingers and thumb and gently pull to the left. 5. Remove the bulb by screwing it counter-clockwise.6.
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    19 Refrigerator Does Not Operate • Check if thermostat control is not in the “OFF” position.• Check if refrigerator is plugged in.• Check if there is power at the ac outlet, by checking the circuit breaker. Food temperature appears too warm • Frequent door
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    20 Moisture build up on interior or exteriorof the refrigerator: • This is normal during high humidity periods.• Prolonged or frequent door openings.• Check door gaskets for proper seal. Refrigerator has an odor: • Interior needs cleaning.• Foods improperly
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    tdmdfr9.7 11.0 -1Issued: Feb-01 IMPORTANT Do Not Return This Product To The Store If you have a problem with this product, please contact the "Haier Customer Satisfaction Center" at 1-877-337-3639. DATED PROOF OF PURCHASE REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY SERVICE

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