Health O Meter HDM575 User Manual

Health O Meter Scales

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1. Press one of the

“USER” buttons. Display will show TIME and DATE; then it will

calibrate ("

- - -

- - -

") and will show "


0" with either

"LB" or "KG"

2. Step on the scale and position your feet in a manner that will distribute your weight

evenly over the entire scale platform. Stand still while reading the display. Three
screens will be displayed, one at a time.

3. Press the

“SET/SAVE” button to save your reading.

Health and fitness isn’t just about counting calories and cutting fat out of your diet. It is about a balanced
combination of eating right and exercising: neither dieting nor exercising alone will give you the kind of
results you get when they are used together. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you must set realistic fitness
goals and reduce the number of calories you take in, regardless of whether they come from foods high
in protein, carbohydrates, etc.

When you go on a diet, you may lose weight, but you’ll also lose beneficial muscle and bone tissue.
Instead, reduce the number of calories you are taking in by eating more healthful foods, and include
exercise in your regular routine to lose weight faster by burning fat. Exercise makes you feel better; it
helps improve circulation, relieves stress, and speeds up your metabolism. So create a plan of exercise
and diet appropriate for your needs, body type, and general health. Soon you’ll see how this powerful
combination makes it easier to look and feel your best.

How does extra weight affect my health?

Extra weight can put you at higher risk for some health problems such as:

• Type 2 diabetes (high blood sugar)
• High blood pressure
• Heart disease and stroke
• Some types of cancer
• Sleep apnea (when breathing stops for short periods during sleep)

Consult with your health care professional for more information.

Helpful Eating Tips

• Make sure no more than 30% of your daily calories come from fat, with no more than

10% saturated fat.

• Never skip meals! Instead, eat sensible portions at every meal and use small, low calories snacks

between meals to help control hunger.

• Learn to read food labels and follow recommended serving sizes.
• Balance your calorie intake with your activity level. Eat less on low activity days than you do on days

where you enjoy rigorous exercise.

• Follow the USDA's Food Pyramid as your guide to a healthy, balanced eating plan.

Helpful Exercise Tips

• Set goals. Write down what you want to achieve in the short and long term.
• Make exercise a habit. Choose a time every day - even 30 minutes - and stick to it.
• Vary your workout. Mix up your activities to avoid burn out.
• Recruit a friend! Working out as a team keeps you both motivated.

8. Press or hold down the

“SCROLL/HISTORY” button to choose the desired


9. Press the

“SET/SAVE” button.

10. Press or hold down the

“SCROLL/HISTORY” button to choose the desired DAY.

11. Press the

“SET/SAVE” button.

12. Press or hold down the

“SCROLL/HISTORY” button to choose the desired YEAR.

13. Press the

“SET/SAVE” button. You have setup time and date.

Back of the Scale

1. Select pounds (LB) or kilograms (KG)

2. Install four (4) AA batteries.

3. Place the scale on a flat surface. A

hard surface is best for maximum

1. Hold down the

“SET/SAVE” button until the HOUR starts blinking.

2. Press or hold down the

“SCROLL/HISTORY” button to choose the desired HOUR.

3. Press the

“SET/SAVE” button. MINUTES will start blinking.

4. Press or hold down the

“SCROLL/HISTORY” button to choose the desired