Harbor Freight Tools Pocket Thermometer User Manual

Operating instructions

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Operating Instructions


or Item 93983 Non-Contact Pocket Thermometer

Thank you for purchasing our non-contact infrared thermometer. Please remember to keep away from children
and don’t use it for safety related applications. NOT FOR MEDICAL OR FOOD SAFETY USE.


Temperature measurement range: -33 to +110°C (-27~230°F)

Operating temperature range: -10 to +50°C (14 to +122°F)

Resolution: 0.1°C /°F

(for thermometer)

; 0.01sec

(for Stopwatch)

Accuracy (Tamb=23±3°C): +/-2% of reading or +/-2°C(4°F)

Field of View: 1:1

Emissivity: 0.95 fixed

Auto real time clock and Room temperature while power off

°C / °F Switch, MIN/MAX/LOCK, Stop Watch function

Battery Life: 40 hours continuous use (auto power off after
15seconds), The battery life is approximately 6 months.

Battery: one CR2032 lithium cell battery

Other Functions




Power on and press the “Mode key” once for the Minimum (MIN)

or twice for Maximum (MAX) modes. When the MIN or MAX icon
flashes, press the “Meas. key” to confirm. Hold down the “Meas. key”,
the minimum or maximum reading of measurement will be
continuously updated.

Real time clock setting


Power on: Press the “Meas. key”.


Press the “Mode key” six times and the “


” icon starts to

flash, which indicates the setting screen.


Press the “Meas. key” to make the “24” icon flash, which
indicates the 12/24-hour setting screen.
Press the “Meas. key” again to set 12/24-hour Format from
24-hour to 12-hour.


Press the “Mode key” to move the flashing in the sequence shown below to select other settings.

Hour Minutes


While the hour, minutes setting is flashing, use “Meas. key” to change it. Press “Mode key” when

Use of the thermometer


Always make sure the probe is clean without any damage.


Power on: Press the “Meas. key”.


Temperature taking: When you press the “Meas. key”, you

will get the temperature immediately. If you hold down the
“Meas. key”, the reading of measurement will be continuously updated.
Note: The Distance:Spot is 1:1. Please make sure the target area is within the field of view.
Note: Applications include the Water, Milk, Cloth, Skin, or visit Http://www.ZyTemp.com for further


Power off: Device will automatically power off if left idle for more than 15sec to extend battery life.

Use of the Stop Watch


Power on: Press the “Meas. key”.


Press the “Mode key” four times and the “count” icon starts

to flash.


For start or stop counting, press the “Meas. key”.
For reset counting, press the “Mode key”.


Press “Mode key” to enter the thermometer function.

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Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93011

isit our Web site at:



Power on and press the “Mode key” three times. When the LOCK

icon flashes, press the “Meas. key” to confirm. This mode is
particularly useful for continuous monitoring of temperatures for up to
60 minutes or until the “Meas. key” is pressed.

°C / °F

Power on and press the “Mode key” five times. When the °C icon

flashes, press the “Meas. key” to change the scale to °F. The setting
will be reserved even if power off.

Battery replacement

Battery is low and no more measurements are possible.
The battery should be replaced immediately with a CR2032 lithium cell. The battery is
located under the twist cover at the rear of thermometer. Please remember to power
off the unit before replacing the battery.

A malfunction may occur if the power is on when the battery is replaced. If a malfunction occurs, restart

the device. Keep the battery away from children.

Important notes

Storage & Cleaning:

The sensor lens should be kept clean at all times and stored at room temperature.
1. Use only a soft cloth or cotton swab with water or medical alcohol when cleaning
the lens. 2. Remember to allow the lens to fully dry before using.
3. The thermometer should be stored at –20 to +65


C (-4 to 149




Readings may be affected if the unit is operated within radio frequency electromagnetic field

strength of approximately 3 volts per meter, but the performance of the instrument will not be
permanently affected.


(12/24-hour setting screen)

(Power off) (Power on)

‘Hi’ or ’Lo’ is displayed when the temperature being measured is outside of the
range of the instrument, ‘Hi’ when higher than +110


C (230

°F) and ‘Lo’ when

lower than –33


C (-27

°F). Please select target within specifications. If

a malfunction still exists, please contact the nearest retailer.

‘Er2’ is displayed when the thermometer is exposed to rapid changes in the

ambient temperature. ‘Er3’ is displayed when the ambient temperature
exceeds –10


C (14

°F) or 50


C (122

°F). The thermometer should be

allowed plenty of time (minimum 30 minutes) to stabilize to the
working/room temperature.

Min:Sec = 00:3.36


For all other error messages it is necessary to reset the thermometer. To reset the

thermometer, wait for the instrument power off, remove the battery and wait for a
minimum of one minute, reinsert the battery and turn on. If the error message remains
please contact a qualified service technician.