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User Manual Hotpoint - WMS39, WMA36, Aquarius Extra WMA34, WMA37, WMA35, WMS38

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Installation and User Instructions

for the Aquarius Range

For everyone you’ll ever be






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WMA36, Aquarius Extra WMA34, WMA37, WMA35, WMS38

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    Installation and User Instructions for the Aquarius Range For everyone you’ll ever be WMS39WMS38 WMA37WMA36 WMA35 WMA34
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    Congratulations on choosing Aquarius!! Model WMA37 shows the maximum features available on an Aquarius washing machine. Model WMA37 2 Adjustable feet Dispenser drawer Hot water inlet point and attached hose (grey) Cold water inlet point and attached hose
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    The following instructions and information will help you to get the most out of your new machine... Safety first! Installing your machine A typical wash programme The dispenser Cleaning and maintenance Troubleshooting After sales service and guarantee SAFET
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    Safety first ● Dispose of packaging materials carefully and keep them well away from children. ● When disposing of your old machine, to minimise risk of injury to children,isolate from the electrical supply, remove the door,the plug and cut the mainscable
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    1. Choose a location... Where you install the machine will affect its performance. ● For your safety and to comply with electricalregulations, seek professional advice if you want toinstall your machine in a bath or shower room. ● Make sure that the electrical
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    6 Hold the transit bolt andslide to the side and thenpull out.The bolt and spacershould be removedintact. (see below) Using a screwdriver,remove the screw torelease the plastic cover. Firstly, unhook the greydrainage hose andproceed as follows, takingcare
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    Make sure that the electrical socket is accessible. Take themains lead from the back of the machine and plug it into thesocket. We do not recommend wiring your machine directlyinto the mains supply. Changing the mains leadIf you have damaged the existing
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    Hot and cold fill1 Unclip the grey and blue fill hoses from the back of the machine. 2 Connect the free end of the grey fill hose to the HOT water supply (see figure1). Connect the free end of the blue fillhose to the COLD water supply. 3 Turn on your water
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    ● Take care when you remove the drain hose from the clips on the back of the machine. All machines are tested with water before they leave the factory so a small amount of water may still be in the hose. ● Do not remove the hooked end support from the GREY
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    7.Adjust the feet... Once the machine is in place 10 6. Move the machine into position... Your machine is heavy so care must be taken when movingit. To help you we have fitted wheels to the bottom rear ofthe machine. ● When moving the machine, take care
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    Using your machine 11 The rest of this instruction book will help you to make the most of your new washingmachine. We have created the machine for the way you live, by listening to people justlike you who use our products. You will find that your new machine
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    Sort your laundry into groups by washcare labels. Load themachine, making sure that clothes are not trapped in the door.Close the washing machine door by pushing it until it clicks. When all selections have been made pressthe ‘START’ button. To stop a programmeonce
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    Choose a suitable detergent ● Follow the detergent manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure you use the correct amount for your wash. ● To achieve the best wash results, the water hardness, degree of soiling and load size need to be considered and the
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    When you usethe pre-washprogramme (A),add detergent tothe pre-washcompartment(l symbol). Dispensingliquid detergentThe liquidretaining flap ispreset for addingpowder detergent.To add liquiddetergent, changethe position of theliquid retainingflap as follows.
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    Door Locked Indicator lightThe ‘Door Locked’ indicator light will come on two seconds after youpress the ‘START’ button and will stay lit throughout the programme. Ashort time after the programme has finished the indicator light will goout and you can then
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    Wash programme dial Programme Wash label Fabric 6kg 25 minutes Spin speed A Mixed 30 6kg 2 hours - 2 hours 20minutes B White cotton and linenwithout special finishes 95 6kg 6kg 1 hour 30minutes - 1 hour 45minutes 1 hour 20minutes - 1 hour 35minutes 1 hour
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    Options 17 Choosing an option buttonTo choose an option, press the button and you will see a light come on above thebutton. Press again to cancel, and the light will go out. You cannot alter the optionsonce the machine is running. Time saver... use this
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    18 Options Variable spin speed This is only available on Models WMA37 and WMA36Use this control to reduce the programme spin speed only.If you leave this in the maximum position (WMA37 1400 orWMA36 1300), the spin will be the maximum which is appropriate
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    Clean and dry the dispenser drawer,syphons, grate and fabricconditioner exit channel.Regularly clean the outlet pipe area. Removing and cleaning thedispenser drawer andcompartments Note: You should clean the dispenserdrawer regularly. WARNINGS: ● Do not
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    Troubleshooting... The machine will not start... ● Close the door. Check that the machine has power. Choose a programme and press the ‘START’ button. If after two seconds the ‘Door Locked’ indicator light is not lit, check to see:i) If the machine is plugged
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    Troubleshooting... The machine makes a noise or vibratesduring a spin programme...If the noise is very loud you shouldcheck whether:i) You have removed the transit bolts.ii) You have removed the polystyrene block. iii)You have correctly adjusted the feet
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    22 Hotpoint guarantee “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” We give you a unique ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ promise - valid for 90 days - after you have purchased your Hotpoint product. If there is a technical problem with your Hotpoint appliance simply
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    SER VICE & GUARANTEE 23 After sales service “No company is better positioned to offer an after sales service on a Hotpoint appliance than us - the manufacturer” As part of our commitment to you, all Hotpoint appliances have the added benefit of a fully
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    Key contacts After Sales Service Over 1150 trained specialists, directly employed by us, ensure that you can have complete confidence in both the appliances and services we offer. Repair Service and Information Help Desk UK: 08709 066066 (Open 8 to 8 Mon

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