Hubbell Lifting Magnet Controllers 4292 User Manual

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Lifting Magnet Controllers

Specification/Price Sheet • August 2008 • Replaces Jan 2008


Type 4292 Compact Controller for Scrap Yards


The Type 4292 Yard-


incorporated heavy-duty
time proven components
arranged to provide
optimum control of your
lifting magnets.

A mechanically rugged
high thermal capacity


assembly is permanently
connected in parallel
with the magnet and
provides a safe dis-
charge path for the
stored magnetic energy.
With Yardmaster mag-
net controllers, induced
voltage cannot return
to the line, permitting
rectified power supplies
to be used without
the added expense of
special protective loads
or bypass circuits.


The Type 4292 Yard-
master Controllers are
suited for many uses
from light scrap handling
to the handling of heavy
billets or plates. It may
be used with all types
and makes of DC lifting





The Type 4292 Yardmaster
Automatic Discharge Type
Lifting Magnet Controller
provides a fast and clean
release of mag-net loads
by applying full voltage
reverse current to the
magnet. The full voltage
re-verse current feature
permits the operator to
promptly return for another

The drop contactor is
under the control of the
operator’s Master Switch
and the dis-charge sensor
module (DSM). When
the operator’s Master
Switch signals the magnet
controller to drop the load,
the “Lift” contactors (L)
open. The stored magnet
energy is dissipated in the
dis-charge varistor. When
the discharge voltage
declines to approximately
300V, the DSM energizes
the drop relay (DR) which
in turn enables the drop
contactor (D) to close
applying full voltage reverse
cur-rent to the magnet and
begin the adjust-able time
reverse current cycle. After
the completion of the timed
reverse cycle the drop
relay and drop contactor
are deenergized.


Automatic Discharge

Rated 250 VDC @ 5-100 amps

Front-Wired Front-Removable components

Mechanically interlocked “Lift” and “Drop”

NEMA rated mill duty contactors
Permanently connected 700V discharge

path completely independent from the

line that protects magnet and generator
High-Thermal capacity varistor discharge

Peak magnet induced voltage limited to

under 700 Volts
Long electrical contact life

Minimum Maintenance

Dribble control - Standard

Ventilated indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R