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      Use & Care Guide Wine Cooler / Beverage Center 241888400 October 2007
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      2 Finding Information Product Registration Card The package containing this manual also includes your product registration information. Warranty coverage begins at the time your Electrolux wine cooler / beverage center was purchased. Please Read and Save
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      3 Finding Information Table of Contents Finding Information ................................................................................. 2 Please Read and Save This Guide ......................................................................................2
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      4 Safety Important Safety Instructions Safety Precautions Do not attempt to install or operate your unit until you have read the safety precautions in this manual. Safety items throughout this manual are labeled with a Danger, Warning or Caution based on
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      5 Installation Installing the Wine Cooler / Beverage Center Your Electrolux wine cooler / beverage center has been designed for either free-standing or built-in installation. When built-in, your wine cooler does not require additional air space for top,
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      6 Installation DANGER ELECTROCUTION HAZARD! Electrical Grounding Required. This appliance is equipped with a three prong (grounding) polarized plug for your protection against possible shock hazards. • NEVER remove the round grounding prong from the plug.
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      7 Leveling Leveling the Unit Position the unit on a flat, level surface capable of supporting the entire weight of the unit when full. This unit contains four (4) adjustable leveling legs. Turn the legs clockwise to raise and counterclockwise to lower.
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      8 Door Reversal Reversing the Door To reverse the door: 1 Disconnect power to the wine cooler / beverage center. 2 Remove toe grille by removing two (2) Philips screws. Remove plastic cap, reverse it and place it in the other side of the toe grille. 3 Disconnect
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      9 Door Reversal 6 Remove access cover by removing two (2) Philips screws. 7 Shift door harness from one side to the other. Replace access cover. 8 Remove plastic RH door closer by removing hex head screw. Remove metal RH door stop by removing hex head screw.
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      10 14 Remove button plugs from left side of cabinet and place in right side of cabinet. Remove button plug from upper left side of door and place in upper right side of door. Place door on lower LH hinge bracket. Door Reversal 15 Install upper LH hinge bracket
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      11 Starting the Unit Your wine cooler / beverage center is shipped in the ON position; however, you may turn it ON or OFF by pressing and holding the ON/OFF for three (3) seconds. Adjusting the Temperature To accurately check the temperature, insert a reliable
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      12 Operation Alarms door ajar If the door has been left open for five (5) min- utes, an audible alarm will sound and the door ajar indicator will illuminate on the right side of the display. The mute sounds indicator will blink. Pressing the mute sounds
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      13 Storage Proper Storage The wine cooler will accommodate 46 bottles (750 ml size). There are five (5) upper racks that will hold eight (8) bottles each and one lower display rack that will hold six (6) bottles. Specially designed wine racks allow for proper
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      14 Maintenance Maintaining Your Wine Cooler/ Beverage Center Periodic cleaning and proper maintenance will ensure efficiency, top performance, and long life. The maintenance intervals listed are based on normal conditions. You may want to shorten the intervals
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      15 Maintenance 3 Method 2 - glass shelf removal: a. Extend shelf fully. b. Ball bearing slide features plastic release latches on each side. Push release latches then pull shelf out. c. To reinstall, push ball bearing slides in fully. Slide shelf rack into
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      16 Troubleshooting Before You Call for Service If the unit appears to be malfunctioning, read through this manual first. If the problem persists, check the Troubleshooting Guide below. Locate the problem in the guide and refer to the cause and its remedy
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      17 Warranty Information Major Appliance Warranty Information Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will repair or replace any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective

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