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      mobile phone/ web ready night vision QUICK INSTALL GUIDE ModelHS-4705-400 4 Channels/4 Cameras 500 GB DVR indoor/outdoor 400 TVL cameras 7” LCD with built-in DVR advanced video compression H.264 500 GB
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      Page 2 Page 3 P roduct o verview package contents w hat ’ s i n t he B ox HS-4705-4004 Channel Digital DVR with 500GB Hard Drive 400 TVL CameraQuantity 4 USB 2.0 Mouse WARNING PROTECTED BY THESE PREMISES ARE UNDER 24 HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE 2 Window Warning
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      Page 4 Page 5 P roduct o verview dvr controls B ack P anel P roduct o verview remote control 2 1 6 5 4 3 8 10 7 9 11 i tem F unction d escriPtion 1 POWER Input DC 12V/3A power connection 2 Network For connecting RJ45 ethernet cable to PC or router 3 Video
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      Page 6 Page 7 s teP 1... i nstalling c ameras Mounting Cameras and Running Cable Select the position for the camera and secure the camera stand. Screw the camera onto the stand. Adjust camera to the proper view angle. Make sure the lens is upright relative
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      Page 8 Page 9 s teP 4 ... l anguage , d ate a nd t ime Setting Up Language/Date/Time Set the system language, date and time, passwords, and configure audio and display options. The Basic Setup Menu contains the following sub-menus: Language, Date/Time, Password,
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      Page 10 Page 11 B asic o Peration recording B asic o Peration recording Motion Detect SetupYou can configure motion detection for each channel (Camera) connected to the DVR. To configure motion detection: 1. From the Main Menu click ADVANCED. Then click
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