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      N o . * Please read this manual carefully before usingPlease keep this manual for future use AB422BCBAA 0 0 1 0 5 7 1 7 4 0 Haier Network Air Conditioner Two by One Room Air Conditioner CONTENTS Before Use Name of Parts ************* 3-5 Safety Precautions
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      Characteristics of Products Far distance monitoringThere is a pre-set far distance control communication interface on the controlpanel of indoor unit. After installing the peripheral equipment according to themanual attached with the Haier made far distance
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      Far distance monitoring There is a pre-set far distance control communication interface on the control panel of indoor unit. After installing the peripheral equipment according to the manual attached with the Haier made far distance co- ntrol detector, the
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      Operation points Anti-cold air blowing outDuring Heating operation, after starting the unit,the indoor fan motor will not rotate immediatelyto prevent cold air from blowing out. Defrosting functionDuring Heating operation, when frost formed on theheat exchanger
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      Wire Controller HEAT AUTO SET ROOM MODE FAN SWING TEMP CLOCK SET TIMER SLEEP RESET FILTER RESET ON/OFF Name of Parts Indoor Unit Air outlet Air filter(inside of air inlet grille) Louver(inside of air outlet) Connection pipesand electric wire Remote control
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      Wire Controller 14.Network control display Used to adjust the time oftimer and clock When the wire controller a p p e a r s a b n o r m a lcondition, use a sharp-pointed article to pressthis button to make thewire controller resumenormal After cleaning the
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      5 Safety Precautions Warning ******************** : Those contents marked with ìProhibitionî are definitely prohibited action, otherwise, it may cause unit damage or risk to usersí safety. : Those contents marked with ìForcedî are definitely forced action,
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      6 Safety Precautions Notice Do not use wet hands tooperate the air conditioner.Otherwise, it may causeelectric shock. Only use the properspecified fuse. Do notuse cable or othermaterials to replace thefuse, otherwise it maycause fire and othertrouble. Do
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      Fan operation About FAN operation: FAN operation refers the air conditioner does not perform COOLING andHEATING operation, but FAN operation. In this mode, the air conditionercannot perform AUOT FAN operation, and does show the temperature valueon the wire
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      AUTO COOLING DEHUMIDIFYING HEATING FAN AUTO LOW FAN MED FAN HIGH FAN AUTO SET MODE FAN SWING TEMP CLOCK TIMER SET SLEEP FILTER RESET RESET ON/OFF HEAT 5 1 4 3 2 3 8 Hints:The wire controller can memorize the working condition of each time. When start the
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      Operation instruction Swing SET MODE FAN SWING TEMP CLOCK TIMER SET SLEEP FILTER RESET RESET ON/OFF HEAT 9 Fixed air sending direction When the Auto SWING of the air conditionerswings to an appropriate angle, press SWINGbutton, the display м о on the LCD
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      Set temperature SLEEP operation starts SLEEP operation stops turn off 1 hour about 3 hours 3 hours decrease 2* increase 1* in HEATING operation 1 hour decrease 2* in COOLING* DEHUMIDIFYING operation Set temperature SLEEP operation starts SLEEP operation
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      Operation instruction Timer On/Off function SET MODE FAN SWING TEMP CLOCK TIMER SET SLEEP FILTER RESET RESET ON/OFF HEAT 11 Before using TIMER function, calibrate the clock first. 2.Set of TIMER mode Press the TIMER button to change the TIMER mode, each
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      SET MODE FAN SWING TEMP CLOCK TIMER SET SLEEP FILTER RESET RESET ON/OFF HEAT 5 6 12 Then confirm the Timer mode is theTIMER ON-OFF mode. At this time the * * will flash. * 5.Set the TIMER OFF time Press the TIME button, the adjustment method is the same
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      13 Usersí Attention Do not put any dryingdevices underthe indoor unit.The heat may causethe deformation ofindoor unit. Cooling is26~28* Heating is18~23* Set proper room temperature Not too low or high and make every peoplein the room feel comfortable. Do
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      Maintenance Donít in operation Daily maintenance Clean the air filter Instructions: When not for cleaning, do not dismantle the air filter, otherwise it may cause trouble. When the air conditioner is used in a dusty environment, the air filter should be
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      15 Clean the air filter 2.Dismantle the air filter Pull the two side handles at the back of the air inlet grille, lift the air filter to dismantle it. 3. Clean Notice Do not use the hot water over 50* to clean to avoid discoloration ordeformation.Do not
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      16 Clean the air inlet grille 1.Open air inlet grille Pull the two handles at the same time, slowly draw them out. (when closing it, the procedure is reversed.) 2.Remove air filter Referring to ìClean the air filterî. 3.Remove the air inlet grille Open the
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      17 Clean the air outlet and casing Notice Do not use gasoline, benzene, diluent, polish powder or liquid pesticideto clean.Do not use the hot water over 50* to clean to avoid discolorationor deformation. Use soft dry cloth to clean.If cannot remove the dust,
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      18 Maintenance 1. Check the following items: If the air inlet and outlet of indoor and outdoor unit are blocked. If the earth wire is proper. If the wire connection is proper. If there is abnormal phenomenon, please ask the after-sale service staffs for
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      Troubleshooting The following phenomena are not troubles Symptom Cause The unit doesnot work The unitblows outmist. T h e u n i tg i v e s o u tnoise T h e u n i tb l o w s o u tdust The unit givesout smells. Immediately operate theunit after its stop. 3
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      When Troubles Occur Before contacting the commissioned repair center for after-sales service, please check yourair conditioner according to the following items. Trouble display The compressor indicator light flashes 1 timein 0.2S/time frequency Phenomenon
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      21 Installation instruction Before installing, do read this ìSafety precautionsî carefully to guarantee the proper installation.The below attentive matters are divided into ì Warningî and ì Noteî two parts. When the wronginstallation occur, it is very possible
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      Refrigerant oil Cementsteel nail Plastic 12 6 1 Installationpaper panel 3 1 4 2 5 Big wireclamp 2 6 Thermalinsulationpipe Drainhose 8 Sealcushion 4 2 7 8 Gasket 11 10 12 13 14 22 Installation instruction Notice Warning This manual can not include all kinds
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      Installation procedure Install indoor unit 23 Space installation needed (unit: mm) Over 1500 Air inlet Air discharging hole 300 Loud 1000 Over 1500 Air discharging hole 1. Before installation [Before finishing installation, do not throw the attached parts
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      Installation procedure Install indoor unit 24 3.Preparation before installation (1) The position relation among ceiling opening and hoisting screws (unit: mm) (2) If necessary, cut the opening installation needed in the ceiling. (For the condition of having
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      25 Suspending pole Hoisting screw 4 edges together (1) Temporarily install the indoor unit Attach the hoisting foot on the hoisting screw. The screw nut and washer must be used at the top and bottom two ends of the hoisting foot to make the hoisting foot
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      Installation procedure Install indoor unit 45 2 Specification of pipe (mm) Torque Dimension of cone A (mm) Cone *9.52 *15.88 12.0~12.4 18.6~19.0 3270~3990 Ncm(333~407 kgf*cm) 9720~11860 Ncm(990~1210 kg * fcm) 6.Installation of drain hose(1)Install the drain
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      Installation procedure Install indoor unit The drain hose should be as short as possible. The droop slant degree at leastshould be 1/100 to avoid forming of gas bag.If cannot make the drain hose have an enough slant degree, a drainageenhancing hose should
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      Installation procedure Install indoor unit 28 Test of drainage system (a)After finishing the electric work, perform the test to the drainage system.(b)During test, confirm the water flow properly passes the hose and there is no leakage at the joint.(c)If
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      Installation procedure Install indoor unit < The wiring method of the connection of the unit > Connect the unitRemove the electric box cover (1), draw the wire in the rubber lining, use wireclamp A to clamp it together with other wires, and connect
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      Installation procedure Install the decorative panel 1. Preparation of decorative panel The treatment of decorative panel The decorative panel cannot be put down with the front downwards,cannot lean on the wall and cannot be put on the extruding objects.Do
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      Installation procedure Install the decorative panel Notice If fastening the screws improperly, itmay cause the trouble as Figure 5 shown.The screw should be fastened properly.If after fastening the screw, there still isgap between decorative panel andceiling,
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      Installation procedure Install the decorative panel (3)The circuit of the decorative panel Connect the wire end of the louver motor installed on the decorative panel (referring to Figure 7). Connect the remote control receiving terminals installed on the
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      Installation procedure Connection of pipe The attentive matters in connection of pipe 5.Thermal insulation treatment The thermal insulation of connection pipe should be performed at both gas side and liquid side. In COOLING, both liquid side and gas side
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      (Sketch map) 34 Installation procedure Electric wiring Connect wire between indoor & outdoor unit Remove the air inlet grille, open the electric box cover. Pull out the front end of the connection wire. Perform wiring according to the outdoor unit manual.
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