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      2 Essentials Food Processor KFP80 Issue 1/03 GGOO OODD NNAAMMEE G GOO O ODDVV A ALLUU E E
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      2 Welcome to Kambrook and your new Essentials Food Processor. At Kambrook we believe that the safeperformance of our products is the firstpriority in any consumer product so thatyou, our valued customer, can confidentlyuse and trust our products. We ask
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      3 2 4 3 6 FEATURES OF YOUR KAMBROOK ESSENTIALS FOOD PROCESSOR 1. Power control dial – 1 for low speed processing/blending, 2 for high speedprocessing/blending and ‘pulse’ forshort bursts of power (when held in position) 2. Motor base – 550 watts of processing/blending
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      4 Using Your Kambrook Essentials Food Processor Before first use remove any promotionallabels and wash the food processor bowland all blades in warm, soapy water.Dry thoroughly. Place the motor base on a level, flat surface. ASSEMBLY ANDOPERATION OF THE
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      5 Attaching the slicer/graterblades and the processor blade Using the processor blade:Place/insert the processor blade over theprocessor drive shaft and push down. Using the slicer/grater blades:Place the slicing/grating blade over theshaft adaptor.The blade
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      6 Maintaining your KambrookEssentials Food Processor Always turn the power off at the poweroutlet and then unplug beforedisassembling any parts. Wash the processor bowl, blades andfood pusher in warm soapy water aftereach use. Rinse thoroughly and dry. The
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      7 Speed Ingredients Preparation and procedure setting Onions Peel and halve the onions, place them down the food chute 1 and slice Carrots and Peel and wash the vegetables. Place food in horizontally for 1 zucchini slices or place in vertically for round
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      8 RECIPES COCONUT, PUMPKIN ANDGINGER PASTA SAUCE Makes 1 Lt. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 small brown onion 1 tablespoon ginger 500g diced pumpkin 100 ml chicken stock 1 x 410 ml can of coconut cream Salt and pepper to taste Using the processing blade, chop
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      9 Using the processing blade, finely chopthe parsley, add the garlic and process fora few more seconds. Add this to the soupmixture. Using the grating blade in the foodprocessor, grate the cheese to serve withthe soup. Serving Suggestion Serve with crusty
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      10 _ bunch of oregano, chopped 150g tasty cheese 200g packet of fresh lasagne pasta orprecooked dried packet sheets Using the slicing blade, slice the onion. Place the diced chicken and garlic intothe processor bowl and process usingspeed 2 until the chicken
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      11 Using the processor blade, process theegg yolks, anchovies, mustard and vinegarfor 30 seconds using speed 1. While the motor is running slowly pourthe half of the oil down the food chuteto thicken the dressing.When thedressing becomes thick, pour in the
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      12 While the pastry is cooking mix the pieapples with the brown sugar and sultanas.When the pastry is cooked add the fillingto the flan tin. Roll the other ball of pastryas before, place on top of the apples, andpress the edge of the pastry lid to theedge
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      Kambrook 12 MonthReplacement Warranty KAMBROOK warrants the purchaseragainst defects in workmanship andmaterial, for a period of 12 months fromthe date of purchase (3 monthscommercial use). Guarantee and purchase receipt for thisproduct are to be retained
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      Kambrook 4 Kingston Town Close Oakleigh,Victoria 3166, AustraliaCustomer Service Line (free call) 1800 800 634 Customer Service Fax 1800 621 337Kambrook New Zealand, Private Bag 94411, Greenmount, Auckland, New ZealandCustomer Service Line/Spare Parts 09

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