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      User Manual 4CH H.264 Multiplex DVR
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      I This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of unprotected “Dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be strong enough to cause a risk of electric shock. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important
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      II All the safety and operating instructions must be read before the unit is operated. • Make sure to switch the power off before you install the DVR. • There is the danger of an electric shock if the DVR is opened by an unqualified service engineer or installer.
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      III TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 FEATURES .........................................................................................................1 Chapter 2 MAIN MENU OPERATION..................................................................................2
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      1 Chapter 1 FEATURES Two USB ports (for mouse usage and backup). Dual streaming enhances the speed of network transmission Built-in VGA output up to 1024x768 resolution Individual setup of resolution, frame rate and video quality for each channel Still image
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      2 Chapter 2 MAIN MENU OPERATION 2.1 Quick Setup Graphic Icons Resting the cursor on this icon will bring up the four (Main Menu/ Search/ Backup/ PTZ) menu icons. MAIN MENU. SEARCH SETUP. BACKUP. PTZ CONTROL. Turn On/Off recording. PLAYBACK Resting the cursor
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      3 GUI Hints and Tips Recording is on Number represents the current selected LIVE audio channel Live Audio is off Motion detected on the channel Sensor triggered on the channel Video loss detected on the channel USB device detected DVR has been connected
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      4 2.2 Network Remote Instructions Same user and DVR-site interface, the only difference is network toolbar which is situated on the lower bottom right. Icon Description / Low Video Quality (LQ) High Video Quality (HQ) * Please refet to 4.7.2 HTTP setup /
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      5 2.3 Playback Mode Playback – Quick Function Icon Press 「 / 」 button to Fast Rewind Speed : 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x Press 「 / 」 button to Fast Forward Speed : 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x / Press 「 PLAY 」 / 「 」 button to Play/ Pause Playback 「 / SLOW 」 slow
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      6 2.4 PTZ Mode PTZ – Remote Controller Control / SLOW Move PTZ up. / Move PTZ down. / Move PTZ to the left. / Move PTZ to the right. ZOOM + PTZ zoom-in. ZOOM - PTZ zoom-out. FOCUS + PTZ focus-in. FOCUS - PTZ focus-out. IRIS + PTZ iris-open. IRIS - PTZ iris-close.
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      7 Same as [PIP]. Set current PTZ location as the starting point of the line-scan. Same as [FREEZE]. Activate line-scan. Same as [ZOOM]. Set current PTZ location as the ending point of the line-scan. To move PTZ in 360° PTZ zoom in or PTZ zoom out. PTZ focus
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      8 Chapter 3 INSTALLATION 3.1 System Configuration
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      9 3.2 Hard Disk Installation Step 1: Remove the 3 screws from DVR as cycled below (PIC 1). (PIC 1) Step 2: Remove the front cover from DVR as indicated by the arrow (PIC 2). (PIC 2)
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      10 Step 3: Place the HDD on the HDD plate and connect the power and the SATA cables (PIC 3). (PIC 3) Step 4: Screw the bottom of the DVR as indicated as cycled (PIC 4). (PIC 4)
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      11 Chapter 4 BASIC OPERATION and MENU SETUP 4.1 Main Menu Setup To enter the main menu and setup the DVR, please log-in account and enter user password. The default password of the administrator is “123456”. Please refer to “Account Setup” for related setup
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      12 Main Menu – Remote Control ler and Front Pannel Control (Click MENU button to enter Quick Setup Menu ) Switch to different options under one item Switch to different items MENU MENU MENU MENU Press to confirm setup (OK) ES ES ES ESC C C C Press to cancel
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      13 Item Description HDD FULL Select STOP to stop recording or OVERWRITE to reuse the HDD when HDD is full. [Stop] : Stop Recording [Overwrite] : Start to overwrite beginning from the oldest data of HDD, and continue to record. OSD Position X Set time stamp
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      14 4.3 Event Setup Item Description Motion Setup Enter to set up motion detection Sensor Setup Enter to set up sensor detection 4.3.1 Motion Setup
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      15 Item Description Alarm Duration(Seconds) Alarm duration time (1~60 seconds). Motion Popup Check the box to Enable/ Disable popup screen function for all channels. When motion is detected in LIVE mode, the detected channel image will popup in full screen
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      16 4.3.2 Sensor Setup Item Description Alarm Duration(Seconds) Alarm duration time (1~60 seconds). Sensor Popup Check the box to Enable/Disable popup screen function for all channels. When Sensor is detected in LIVE mode, the detected channel image will
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      17 4.4 Schedule Setup Apart from manual recording, you can also setup the recording time by weeks and schedule recordings include: normal, motion detection, and sensor detection. Item Description Page Click or press ▼ to select Page. Each page provides 10
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      18 Item Description Enable Schedule Record Enables schedule recording according to the time schedule (shown below). Enable Schedule Motion Detect Enables schedule motion detection recording according to the time schedule (shown below). Enable Schedule Sensor
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      19 Item Description Mask Check the box to Enable/ Disable mask function for LIVE mode Sharpness Drag the white bar or press ◀ ▶ to adjust Sharpness of your camera from value 0 to 15. The default value is 1. Brightness Drag the white bar or press ◀ ▶ to adjust
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      20 4.6.1 Permission Setup The Account Setup is set to provide individual user (maximum of 4 users) role-based permissions, including access to Setup menu, Network operation, PTZ function, Playback, Utility, Backup and Mask on specific channels while playing
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      21 Item Description Connect type Setup mode for network connection: ADSL 、 、 、 、 DHCP 、 LAN. HTTP Setup Enter to set up HTTP for remote access into DVR. DDNS Setup Enter to Enable/ Disable DDNS function and set up. Mail Setup Enter to Enable/ Disable Email
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      22 LAN Select LAN for network connection, the following information is required. Item Description IP Address Enter IP address provided by ISP Subnet Mask Enter IP address of Subnet Mask provided by ISP Gateway Enter IP address of Gate way provided
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      23 ADSL Select ADSL for network connection, the following information is required. Item Description User Name Enter user name provided by ISP Password Enter password provided by ISP
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      24 4.7.2 HTTP Setup Item Description Enable HTTP Server Check to enable HTTP server. Users can remotely access into the DVR over the network if the HTTP function is activated. Port Enter a valid port value from 1 up to 65535. The default value is 80. Quality
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      25 4.7.3 DDNS Setup Item Description Enable DDNS Check/ Uncheck to Enable/ Disable DDNS function. DDNS Server Select the DDNS Server wanted. Host Name Enter the registered hostname. User Name Enter user name. Password Enter password. 4.7.4 Mail Setup
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      26 E-mail can be used as a form of notification when an event occurs (VLOSS, MOTION, and SENSOR). Item Description Enable E-mail Notification Check the box to enable/disable E-mail Notification function. SMTP Server Enter to set up SMTP Server name. User
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      27 4.8 PTZ & RS-485 Setup The DVR allows users to control PTZ functions of your camera. To enable PTZ function, the 485 cable should be connected to the RS-485 port of DVR. Item Description Enable PTZ Click the box to Enable/Disable PTZ function for
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      28 4.9 System Setup Item Description DVR Name The name of DVR will be shown when users login from remote access. DVR Location The location of DVR will be shown when users login from remote access Language Click or press ▼ to select OSD language. Auto-Seq
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      29 4.9.1 Display Setup Item Description Auto-Seq Interval ( Seconds) Click or press ◀ ▶ to set up duration time in seconds for the interval between channels under Auto-Seq mode (1~999 seconds). Show OSD Turn On / Off OSD display Show DVR Status Turn On /
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      30 4.9.2 Date/ Time Setup Item Description Hour Format 12HOURS/ 24HOURS Date Format MM-DD-YY/DD-MM-YY/YY-MM-DD Date/Time Position Choose the position of Time and Date display Change Date & Time Setup time and date of DVR Time Zone Setup Set up GMT and
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      31 Time Zone Setup In time zone setup, users can change the time zone and activate Daylight Saving Time function according to your DVR location. Item Description Select Time Zone Enter to modify GMT from GMT- 13 to GMT+ 13 Daylight Saving Time Turn
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      32 Item Description Automatic Synchronization Check to enable DVR automatic synchronization function. Select this option to enable the function, DVR will automatically synchronize the time upon rebooting or by every 24 hours after booting. Update Now Date
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      33 Item Description Mouse Speed Adjust the mouse moving speed Buzzer & Relay Setup Key Tone Enable/ Disable keystrokes. ALARM BUZZER Enable/ Disable buzzer operation when the alarm is triggered for HDD error, sensor, motion and vloss (Video Loss). ALARM
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      34 4.10 Utility Setup Item Description HDD Initialization Select to enter hard disk initialization menu. Please stop recording before entering this menu. Enter the menu, system will show all the data (model/ volume) of HDD that is installed in the DVR. Check
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      35 4.11 Diagnostic Item Description Version The current firmware version of DVR IP Address The connected IP address of DVR. If disconnected from network, the screen will display” NETWORK DISCONNECT”. MAC Address MAC Address of DVR HDD Volume The capacity
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      36 Chapter 5 SEARCH & BACKUP 5.1 Search Setup Item Description Event Search Press to enter event search menu. Time Search Press to enter time search menu. 5.1.1 Event Search
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      37 The DVR automatically records events with type, time and channel information included. If there is recording data for an event, a yellow signal icon will be shown on the left side of time information. Rest your cursor under the line and press “enter”,
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      38 The amount of events can be numerous. Therefore, you can facilitate event sorting by setting up “criteria”. Setup “start time” and “end time” for each event search, then the search result will be limited to this specific period of time. Only events and
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      39 Click “date” to display recording time of that specific date with time bar. You can change time (hour/ minute/ second) or click on a specific time of time bar by mouse then press “YES”. DVR will playback the selected recording data. 5.2 Backup Setup User
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      40 Chapter 6 SPECIFICATION I/O Video System NTSC / PAL switch Video Input 4CH BNC Video Input Level 1.0 Vp-p Composite, 75 Ohm Balanced Video Output 1CH BNC SPOT Output 1CH BNC VGA Output 1024x768 Audio Input 1CH RCA Audio Input Level 0.5~1.4 Vp-p @ 20K
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      41 Post-Alarm Recording 1-60 sec Motion Detection 22X18 (sensitivity 0~10) PLAYBACK Search Mode Time, Event Playback Speed fast forward/backward 2X/4X/8X/16X/32X/64X slow forward/backward 1/2X,1/4X,1/8X,1/16X play/pause Backup Mode USB flash driver / Network
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      42 Chapter 7 NETWORK SURVEILLANCE 7.1 Remote Connection Step 1 : Enter the IP address of the DVR in the IE browser. Provides two different ways of DVR connection, one is the use the Internet Explorer; the other to download and install the software to the
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      43 Step 3: You’ve logged into the DVR Internet Explorer Software Application

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