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      D-595 ZOOM C-500 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA Shoot and Play! Basic Manual 2 26 50 74 ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPAÑOL DEUTSCH d4235_e_basic_01_cover_oe_7.fm Page 1 Friday, December 24, 2004 12:13 PM
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      2 En For customers in North and South America For customers in Europe Trademarks • IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.• Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.• Macintosh is a trademark
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      3 En Manual Contents Safety Precautions ....................................................... 4 UNPACKING THE BOX CONTENTS ................... 11 LOADING THE BATTERIES .............................13 TURNING THE CAMERA ON ...........................16
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      4 En Safety Precautions Read All Instructions — Before you use the product, read all operating instructions. Save These Instructions — Save all safety and operating instructions for future reference. Heed Warnings — Read carefully and follow all warning
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      Safety Precautions 5 En Location — To avoid damage to the product and prevent personal injury, never place this product on an unstable stand, tripod, bracket, table or cart. Mount only on a stable tripod, stand, or bracket. Follow the instructions that describe
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      Safety Precautions 6 En Damage Requiring Service — If you notice any of the conditions described below while using a specified AC adapter, unplug it from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel: a) Liquid has been spilled onto
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      Safety Precautions 7 En ( Keep young children and infants away from the camera. • Always use and store the camera out of the reach of young children and infants to prevent the following dangerous situations which could cause serious injury:• Becoming entangled
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      Safety Precautions 8 En ( Do not use the camera with wet hands. • To avoid dangerous electrical shock, never hold or operate the camera with wet hands. ( Do not leave the camera in places where it may be subject to extremely high temperatures. • Doing so
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      Safety Precautions 9 En DANGER • When using NiMH batteries (included in some areas), use only the Olympus brand NiMH batteries and fitting charger. • Never heat or incinerate batteries.• Take precautions when carrying or storing batteries to prevent them
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      Safety Precautions 10 En • If NiMH batteries (included in some areas) are not charged within the specified time, stop charging them and do not use them. • Do not use a battery if it is cracked or broken.• If a battery leaks, becomes discolored or deformed,
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      11 En UNPACKING THE BOX CONTENTS If you find any contents missing or damaged, contact the place of purchase. Digital Camera Strap AA (R6) Alkaline Batteries (two) USB Cable AV Cable OLYMPUS Master CD-ROM Basic Manual (this manual) Advanced Manual (CD-ROM)
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      UNPACKING THE BOX CONTENTS 12 En 1 Attach the strap as shown. Note Be careful with the strap when you carry the camera, as it can easily catch on stray objects, causing injury or damage. Attach the strap correctly as shown above. Olympus is not responsible
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      13 En LOADING THE BATTERIES 1 Make sure the camera is turned off. 2 Open the battery compartment cover. 3 Insert the batteries. The lens is retracted. The monitor is off. Slide Lift o n Battery compartment cover The battery insertion direction is indicated
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      LOADING THE BATTERIES 14 En 4 Close the battery compartment cover. In addition to the batteries provided with the camera, the following types of battery can be used. Choose the power source best suited to the situation. (AA (R6) alkaline batteries When you
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      LOADING THE BATTERIES 15 En Note Power consumption by the camera varies depending on which functions are used. Power is consumed continuously during the conditions described below causing batteries to become exhausted quickly. The monitor is turned on. The
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      16 En TURNING THE CAMERA ON 1 Set the mode dial to h, and press the POWER switch. Note To save battery power, the camera automatically enters sleep mode and stops operating after about 3 minutes of non-operation. The camera activates again as soon as you
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      TURNING THE CAMERA ON 17 En Setting the date and time The first time you use the camera, [Y/M/D] is displayed prompting you to set the date and time. See "Setting the date and time" in Chapter 6 of the Advanced Manual. The camera can be operated
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      18 En TAKING A PICTURE 1 Compose your picture. 2 Focus on your subject. HQ HQ 2560 2560 1920 1920 55 Position the AF target mark on your subject using the monitor. Shutter button Orange lamp AF target mark [IN]: Indicates that pictures are recorded in the
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      TAKING A PICTURE 19 En 3 Take the picture. Note Press the shutter button gently. If it is pressed forcefully, the camera may move causing the picture to blur. Recorded pictures are saved in the camera regardless of whether the camera is turned off or the
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      20 En REVIEWING A PICTURE 1 Press $. 2 Use the arrow pad to display the picture you want. HQ HQ ’05 05.04 04.30 15 30 15:30 30 5 100 100-0005 0005 Playback mode is enabled, and the last picture taken is displayed. Press # when you are ready to take another
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      21 En TURNING THE CAMERA OFF 1 Press the POWER switch. The monitor turns off. The lens retracts. POWER switch Now that you have mastered how to shoot and play, refer to the Advanced Manual for additional camera features and applications. And to get the most
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      22 En Enjoy the camera more Things you can do with this camera Using the internal memory or card... Pictures taken with this camera are stored in the internal memory or on an xD-Picture Card. An xD-Picture Card lets you store many more pictures than the
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      23 En Enjoy the camera more Installing OLYMPUS Master Software The supplied CD-ROM contains OLYMPUS Master software for installing and managing image files. Install it on your computer to enjoy the pictures you have taken. For details, refer to the online
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      24 En Specifications CameraProduct type : Digital camera (for shooting and displaying) Recording system Still picture : Digital recording, JPEG (in accordance with Design rule for Camera File system (DCF)) Applicable standards : Exif 2.2, Digital Print Order
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