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      Quick Start Guide Wi-Fi Phone for Skype™ Executive Travel Set Model No. KX-WP1050E Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic Wi-Fi Phone for Skype Executive Travel Set. Please read this Quick Start Guide before using the unit and save for future reference.For
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      2 3 1 Select the appropriate installation procedure according to where you want to use the unit.– In a hotel room: Follow the instructions 2-A on this page.– At home: Follow the instructions 2-B on page 4. Packing the accessories 2 Installing the base unit
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      4 5 2. Installing the base unit ł 2-B While you are at home The base unit has 2 modes of operation for use at home: AP (Bridge) mode and Router mode.– AP (Bridge) mode is designed for the case when you have an existing router or modem (cable or DSL) with
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      6 7 3-A Initialization Setup When you log in the base unit for the fi rst time, you must register the network settings you use for HOME or HOTEL mode as a profi le in Initialization Setup using the Web browser on the computer you connected to the base unit’s
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      8 9 3. Setting up the base unit Example: When you select [DHCP] 8 Confi gure the settings referring to the Internet service provider’s setup information (or instructions provided by the hotel), then click [Next>]. L If your Internet service provider or
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      10 4. Setting up the handset ł ł 4-B Power on / Sign in to Skype To use the handset, you need a Skype account and need to connect to a network and sign in to Skype. If you do not have a Skype account, you can create it using the handset. Operating tips:{
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      11 12 4. Setting up the handset ł Starting up for the second time 1 Press and hold {}} for 2 seconds to turn on the handset. L The handset starts searching for available networks. If any networks you normally use are already in your preferred networks list,
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      13 14 6-A Adding contacts You can add up to 500 contacts to your contact list. If you have an existing Skype account, your contact list is automatically downloaded when you sign in. If you are new to Skype and have just created an account, your contact list
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      15 16 For other troubleshooting, please see the Operating Instructions included in the CD-ROM. You can also get up-to-date support information from our website: http://www.panasonic.co.uk Problem Cause/solution The unit does not work. • Make sure the battery

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