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      Quick Start 2 Quick Start Contents Contents 3 Introduction ...................................... 4 Features .................................................... 4Safety Instructions .................................... 7What’s in the Box ....................................
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      Introduction 4 Introduction Introduction Introduction 5 Features Congratulations on your purchase of the Pioneer inno™. It’s the next-generation XM2go ® radio, with an XM receiver, built-in antenna, and storage for XM, MP3, or WMA music files in one portable
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      Introduction 6 Introduction Introduction 7 Introduction Safety Instructions Please read and understand all the instructions to avoid injury to yourselfand/or damage to your inno. Please be aware that Pioneer claims noresponsibility for damage from data loss
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      Introduction 8 Protect Your Ears Sound can be deceiving. Over time your hearing “comfort level” adapts to higher volumes ofsound. So what sounds “normal” can actually be loud and harmful to your hearing. Set yourequipment at a safe level BEFORE your hearing
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      Introduction 10 Introduction Introduction 11 Introduction What’s in the Box inno (GEX-INNO1) Battery Home dock Earbuds Remote What’s in the Box Home XM antenna RCA audio cable Also included: User guide XM+Napster install CD USB cable AC power adapter Carrying
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      3. Plug adapter into dock and wall socket. When you insertinno into a dock, wait for thebeep before powering on. Introduction 12 Introduction Introduction 13 Introduction Charging the Battery Charge the battery for at least 8 hours before using inno for
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      Introduction 14 Using This Guide Throughout this guide, you will see instructions such as “Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Setup➝ Antenna Aiming.” This tells you to perform the following actions: 1. Press the XM button. 2. You will see a menu whose last option is
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      Available memory or signal strength – Green portion indicates amount of storage taken upby locked XM songs (page 40). In “Live XM” mode,you will see a signal strength indicator instead. Indicates XM channel,playlist, or MP3 genre. Introduction 16 Introduction
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      Subscribing to XM 18 19 Subscribing to XM Before you can listen to or record XM content, you must activate your inno. 1. Set up your inno, dock station, power adapter, and antenna (page 20 or page 22). Make sure inno can receive the XM signal. 2. Place inno
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      Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 21 Using Your inno Alone 20 Using Your inno Alone Setup At Home 1. Insert inno into home dock. 2. Connect inno to your audio system as shown. Ifyour audio system doesnot have a line-level input,use inno’s built-in
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      Using Your inno Alone 22 Setup In a Vehicle (requires Car Accessory Kit CD-INCAR1, sold separately) Every vehicle is different; for your safety, follow all instructions carefully.Consult a professional installer if you have questions. You can listen to your
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      4. To install the swivel mount, first find a suitable location. The swivel mount’s adhesive is very strong and may be difficult to remove. Do not install this mount on leather surfacesand make sure the air temperature is at least 60°F (15°C). Clean the mounting
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      Using Your inno Alone 26 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 27 Live XM Turn on your inno. Subscribe to XM (page 18) if you haven’t done so already. If you see “XM” at the top of the display, you’re listening to XM content that
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      Using Your inno Alone 28 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 29 Using Your inno Alone Favorite Channels You can save your favorite channels in an easily accessible list. 1. While you’re tuned to a channel, press the XM button. 2. Select Favorites
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      Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 31 Using Your inno Alone 30 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone TuneSelect also allows you to type an artist name or song title even if the song isn’t currentlyplaying on your inno. 1.Select XM ➝ Settings
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      Using Your inno Alone 32 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 33 Using Your inno Alone 4. Continue selecting letters by using the arrow and XM buttons. 5. Select “Enter” when you’ve entered the entire stock symbol. Your inno is smart enough to automatically
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      Using Your inno Alone 34 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 35 Using Your inno Alone Recording a Channel 1. While you’re listening to live XM, select XM ➝ Record ➝ Rec Channel. You will record the channel you’re currently listening to. 2. To stop
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      Using Your inno Alone 36 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 37 Using Your inno Alone 3. To edit an existing session, select XM ➝ Record ➝ Schedule Recording. You will see a list of sessions. Highlight the session you wish to edit. You may not see
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      Using Your inno Alone 38 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 39 Using Your inno Alone Organizing Your Music Finding Your Music All songs and tracks that are stored in your inno are normally played in the order that theywere recorded or transferred
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      Playlists – Adding Songs You can create one or more custom lists, called playlists. Each playlist is an index of songsthat play in a certain order. You can create a “morning drive” playlist, a “workout” playlist, a“best of” playlist, and more. 1. To add
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      Using Your inno Alone 42 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 43 Using Your inno Alone Playlists – Removing Entries You can remove entries from a playlist. Remember that removing a song from one playlistdoes not remove it from any other playlist,
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      Using Your inno Alone 44 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 45 Using Your inno Alone Playlists – Other Options Normally, the songs in a playlist appear in the order that they were added. To rearrange the songs in a playlist: 1. Select XM ➝ Playlists
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      Using Your inno Alone 46 Using Your inno Alone Using Your inno Alone 47 Using Your inno Alone Deleting Songs When you’re no longer interested in a song or track, you can delete it from your inno.“Deleting” a song permanently erases it from memory, and is
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      Using inno with a PC 48 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 49 Using inno with a PC Click here to begin the installation. Click here when you’refinished with the installation procedure. Follow the directions indicated on the screen. If you have any
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      Using inno with a PC 50 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 51 Using inno with a PC Registering with XM+Napster Choose either the XM+Napster Light service or the XM+Napster service. XM+Napster Lightallows you to buy individual songs or albums whenever
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      Using inno with a PC 52 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 53 Using inno with a PC 3. If you choose XM+Napster, you must provide a valid credit card. Registering for XM+Napster Light does not require a credit card; you only need one when you purchaseindividual
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      Using inno with a PC 54 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 55 Using inno with a PC Purchasing Music The XM+Napster store allows you to stream, download, or buy songs or albums. ■ S t re a m – Listen to a song while your PC is connected to the Internet.
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      Using inno with a PC 56 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 57 Using inno with a PC Recording Sessions View and edit your inno recording sessions by selecting Library/inno/XM Recordingson the XM+Napster application. Enter the options for the recording
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      Using inno with a PC 58 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 59 Using inno with a PC Transferring Between PC and inno To transfer a track or playlist from your PC to your inno, drag and drop the track or playlistinto the “transfer” pane on the lower
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      Using inno with a PC 60 Using inno with a PC Using inno with a PC 61 Using inno with a PC Listening to XM Radio Online (XMRO) XM Radio Online gives you access to over 75 channels of the same amazing programmingyou hear on XM Satellite Radio, plus 10 select
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      Using inno with a PC 62 Using inno with a PC 63 Using inno with a PC Burning CDs Transfer MP3 and WMA files onto a recordable CD or DVD. Please note that the contentrecorded from XM cannot be burned onto a CD or DVD or otherwise transferred off yourinno.
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      Updating inno Firmware Updating inno Firmware 65 Updating inno Firmware 64 Updating inno Firmware Occasionally we make improvements to the inno firmware, which is the software that makesyour inno work. Updating the firmware is a quick and easy process. Remember
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      Settings Settings 67 Settings 66 Settings FM Modulator Set the FM frequency that innotransmits on. Turn the FM modulator on or offmanually – or automatically wheninserted into a home or car dock. Adjust the volume level of theFM transmission. FM Frequency
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      Settings Settings 69 Settings 68 Settings Aiming the Antenna For optimal reception of XM’s live satellite signal, your inno antenna should have an unobstructed view of the XM satellites in the southern sky. In large cities, XM also has a network of ground
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      Settings 70 Settings Settings 71 Settings Audio Tone You can adjust the audio tone quality to suit the kind of music you’re listening to. 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Preferences ➝ Set Tone. 2. Press the up or down arrow buttons to select either “Bass” or “Treble.”
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      Settings 72 Settings Settings 73 Settings Stock Ticker If you created a stock ticker, you will see stock symbols and their prices displayed at the bottom of inno’s display. You can control the way the ticker is displayed. 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Preferences
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      Settings 74 Clock and Sleep Timer Time 1. The time is automatically set using the XM signal. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Setup ➝ Set Time ➝ Set Clock ➝ Select Time Zone to set the correct time zone for yourlocation. 2. Your inno automatically adjusts for Daylight
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      Settings Settings 77 Settings 76 Settings Vehicle Mode If you listen to your inno in a vehicle, you’ve probably plugged the power adapter into thecigarette lighter socket. In some vehicles, the cigarette lighter is turned on or off with theignition key;
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      79 Settings 78 Settings Restoring Factory Defaults To restore all inno settings and preferences to a “factory fresh” state: 1. Select XM ➝ Settings ➝ Setup ➝ Factory Defaults. 2. You should see this display: 3. Confirm by selecting Yes, or cancel by selecting
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      Troubleshooting If this happens: You should: There is no power or your inno shuts Your inno battery may be low. Charge the battery by putting your off quickly. inno in the dock station and plugging in the AC adapter. inno shuts off unexpectedly. Check whether
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      Troubleshooting If this happens: You should: inno does not communicate with your PC. Check the power and USB connections between the dock and your PC.Be sure to use the supplied USB cable; any others may prevent your inno from charging or communicating properly
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      Customer Support 85 Customer Support 84 Customer Support Specifications Remote Dimensions 39 mm (W) x 95 mm (H) x 12 mm (D)1.5 in (W) x 3.7 in (H) x 0.47 in (D) Weight 40 g1.4 oz Battery Type: CR2032Voltage: 3 V Model Numbers inno player GEX-INNO1 Home kit
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      LIMITED WARRANTY WARRANTY VALID ONLY IN COUNTRY OF PRODUCT PURCHASE WARRANTY Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. (PUSA), and Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc. (POC), warrantsthat products distributed by PUSA in the U.S.A., and by POC in Canada that fail to
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      Customer Support Customer Support 91 Customer Support 90 Customer Support On all complaints and concerns call Customer Support at 1-800-421-1404 DISPUTE RESOLUTIONFollowing our response to any initial request to Customer Support, should a dispute arisebetween
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      PIONEER ELECTRONICS SERVICE, INC.P.O. BOX 1760 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 908101-800-421-1404http://www.pioneerelectronics.com XM respects copyrights. This device is for personal use only. XMProgramming stored on the device cannot be transferred off the unit.

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