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      Washing Machine user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.To receive more complete service, please register your product at www.samsung.com/global/register WF8802JP(A/F/G/H/S/V/W/Z)WF8800JP(A/F/G/H/S/V/W/Z)WF8802RP(A/F/G/H/S/V/W/Z)WF8800RP(A/F/G/H/S/V/W/Z)WF8802EP(A/F/G/H/S/V/W/Z)WF8800EP(A/F/G/H/S/V/W/Z)
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      2_ features features of your new samsung washing machine Your new washing machine will change the way you feel about doing laundry. From its super-size capacity to its energy efficiency, the Samsung washing machine has all the features to turn a mundane chore
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      features _3 • Digital Graphic Display The Digital Graphic Display control panel is clear and easy to use for minimum fuss and hassle. And while it is easy to operate, the Digital Graphic Display enables you to make quick and accurate adjustments to your
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      4_ safety information safety information Throughout this manual, you’ll see Warning and Caution notes. These warnings, cautions, and the important safety instructions that follow do not cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. It’s your
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      safety information _5 To reduce the risk of fire or explosion:• Do not wash items that have been washed, soaked, or treated with gasoline, dry cleaning solvents, or other flammable or explosive substances. They give off vapors that could ignite or explode.
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      6_ safety information The appliance is designed for home use only. Make sure that water and electrical connections are made by qualified technicians, observing the user manual (see “Installing your washing machine”) and local safety regulations. Before cleaning
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      safety information _7 A stainless washing tub does not usually rust. However if some metal such as a hair pin is left in the tub for an extended time, the tub could rust.• Do not leave water or bleach containing chlorine in the tub for an extended period
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      8_ contents contents SETTING UP YOUR WASHING MACHINE 9 9 Checking the parts 10 Meeting installation requirements10 Electrical supply and grounding 10 Water Supply 11 Drain 11 Flooring 11 Surrounding temperature 11 Alcove or closet installation 11 Installing
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      setting up your new washing machine _9 01 SETTING UP setting up your washing machine Be sure to have your installer follow these instructions closely so that your new washing machine works properly and so that you’re not at risk of injury when doing laundry.
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      10_ setting up your new washing machine setting up your washing machine MEETING INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS Electrical supply and grounding To prevent unnecessary risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury, all wiring and grounding must be done in accordance
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      setting up your new washing machine _11 01 SETTING UP Drain Samsung recommends a standpipe height of 18 in (46 cm). The drain hose must be routed through the drain hose clip to the standpipe. The standpipe must be large enough to accept the outside diameter
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      12_ setting up your new washing machine STEP 2Removing the shipping bolts Before installing the washing machine, you must remove the five shipping bolts from the back of the unit. 1. Loosen all the bolts with the supplied wrench. 2. Hold the bolt with the
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      setting up your new washing machine _13 01 SETTING UP STEP 3Adjusting the levelling feet When installing your washing machine, ensure that the power plug, the water supply and the drain are easily accessible. 1. Slide the washing machine into position. 2.
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      14_ setting up your new washing machine Connecting the water supply hose (selected models) 1. Remove the adaptor from the water supply hose. 2. First, using a ‘+’ type screwdriver, loosen the four screws on the adaptor. Next, take the adaptor and turn part
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      setting up your new washing machine _15 01 SETTING UP 6. Turn on the water supply and ensure that no water leaks from the water valve, tap or adaptor. If there is a water leaks, repeat the previous steps. Do not use your washing machine if there is a water
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      16_ setting up your new washing machine Connecting the drain hose The end of the drain hose can be positioned in three ways: 1. Over the edge of a wash basin: The drain hose must be placed at a height of between 60 and 90 cm. To keep the drain hose spout
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      washing a load of laundry _17 02 W ASHING A LOAD OF LAUNDR Y washing a load of laundry With your new Samsung washing machine, the hardest part of doing laundry will be deciding which load to wash first. WASHING FOR THE FIRST TIME Before washing laundry for
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      18_ washing a load of laundry USING THE CONTROL PANEL DIGITAL GRAPHIC DISPLAY Displays the remaining wash cycle time, all cycle information, and error messages. CYCLE SELECTOR Select the tumble pattern and spin speed for the cycle. For detailed information,
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      washing a load of laundry _19 02 W ASHING A LOAD OF LAUNDR Y PREWASH SELECTION BUTTON Press this button to select pre-wash. Pre-wash is only available with: Cotton, Synthetics, Denim, Sports Wear, Water Saving, Dark Garment, Daily Wash. DELAY END SELECTION
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      20_ washing a load of laundry Child lock The Child Lock function allows you to lock the buttons so that the wash cycle you’ve chosen can’t be changed. Activating/Deactivating If you want to activate or deactivate the Child Lock function, press the Temp.
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      washing a load of laundry _21 02 W ASHING A LOAD OF LAUNDR Y Air Wash Air-Refresh can refresh laundry without using water owing to its powerful airing system. Clothing that can be refreshed includes woolen coats, cotton or jumpers, sweaters and suits. (Two
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      22_ washing a load of laundry Washing clothes using cycle selector Your new washing machine makes washing clothes easy, using Samsung’s “Fuzzy Control” automatic control system. When you select a wash program, the machine will set the correct temperature,
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      washing a load of laundry _23 02 W ASHING A LOAD OF LAUNDR Y Washing clothes manually You can wash clothes manually without using the Cycle Selector. 1. Turn the water supply on. 2. Press the Power button on the washing machine. 3. Open the door. 4. Load
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      24_ washing a load of laundry LAUNDRY GUIDELINES Follow these simple guidelines for the cleanest laundry and the most efficient wash. Always check the Care label on clothing before washing. Sort and wash your laundry according to the following criteria: •
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      washing a load of laundry _25 02 W ASHING A LOAD OF LAUNDR Y Make sure to insert brassieres (water washable) into a laundry net (to be purchased additionally).• The metal parts of the brassieres may break through the material and damage the laundry. Therefore
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      26_ cleaning and maintaining your washing machine cleaning and maintaining your washing machine Keeping your washing machine clean improves its performance, wards off unnecessary repairs, and lengthens its life. DRAINING THE WASHING MACHINE IN AN EMERGENCY
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      cleaning and maintaining your washing machine _27 03 CLEANING AND MAINT AINING CLEANING THE DETERGENT DRAWER AND DRAWER RECESS 1. Press the release lever on the inside of the detergent drawer and pull the drawer out. 2. Remove the liquid detergent divider
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      28_ cleaning and maintaining your washing machine CLEANING THE WATER HOSE MESH FILTER You should clean the water hose mesh filter at least once a year, or when the error message of “4E” is displayed: 1. Turn off the water supply to the washing machine. 2.
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      troubleshooting and information codes _29 04 TROUBLESHOOTING troubleshooting and information codes CHECK THESE POINTS IF YOUR WASHING MACHINE... PROBLEM SOLUTION Will not start • Make sure your washing machine is plugged in. • Make sure the door is firmly
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      30_ troubleshooting and information codes INFORMATION CODES When your washing machine malfunctions, you may see an information code on the display. If that happens, check this table and try the suggested solution before calling Customer Service. CODE SYMBOL
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      cycle chart _31 05 CYCLE CHAR T cycle chart CYCLE CHART (  user option) PROGRAM Max load(kg) DETERGENT Max Temp (˚C) WF8802/ WF8800 WF8702/ WF8700 Pre-wash wash Softener Cotton 8.0 7.0  yes  95 Synthetics 3.0 3.0  yes  60 Denim 3.0 3.0  yes  60 Sports
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      32_ appendix appendix FABRIC CARE CHART The following symbols provide garment care directions. The care labels include four symbols in this order: washing, bleaching, drying and ironing, and dry cleaning when necessary.The use of symbols ensures consistency
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      QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Country CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT AUSTRALIA 1300 362 603 www.samsung.com/au Code No. DC68-02600U_EN WF8802RP-02600U_EN.indd 36 2008-12-09 ¿ААь 10:45:10

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