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      O PERATOR ’ S M ANUAL S PECIAL E DI T ION R EGENT T RACTORS Vikings Regent Tractor Badgers Regent Tractor Mfg. No. 1692957 Mfg. No. 1692967 Steelers Regent Tractor Regent Tractor Mfg. No. 1692959 Mfg. No. 1692969 Panthers Regent Tractor Wolverines Regent
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      Trim Installation Face Mask installation: 1. Position the face mask onto the unit with the hook in the middle grille slot, and lineup with the holes on the outside of the side panels (note that the front of the face mask must be in the“V” position for proper
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      Decal Paint Information Tractor Description Mfg. No. Vikings Regent Tractor 1692957 Steelers Regent Tractor 1692959 Panthers Regent Tractor 1692961 Chiefs Regent Tractor 1692963 Colts Regent Tractor 1692965 Badgers Regent Tractor 1692967 Regent Tractor 1692969
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      Table Of Contents TRACTOR MOWER IDENTIFICATION.. .................. SAFETY RULES ............................................................3 DECALS.. ...................................................................... FEATURES CONTROLS ...........................................
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      Tractor Mower Identification IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS Record your model name/number, tractor and mower deck manufacturer numbers and engine serial number inthe space provided for easy reference. SIN l The Tractor I.D. tag is located on the left-side, of theframe,
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      Safety Rules A Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control ofunit, severe personal injury or death to you, or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. This deck is of hands and feet
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      Safety Rules CHILDREN Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert tothe presence of children. Children are often attracted tothe unit and the mowing activity. Never assume that chil- dren will remain where you last saw them. l Keep children out
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      Safety Decals GENERAL This unit has been designed and manufactured to pro-vide you with the safety and reliability you would expectfrom an industry leader in outdoor power equipment manufacturing. Although reading this manual and the safety instructions
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      Features Controls CONTROLS HYDRO MODEL Steering Wheel 3. Engine Throttle Control Parking Brake Knob Ignition Key/Switch Headlight Switch PTO (Electric Clutch) Switch Mower Height Adjustment Lever Brake Pedal Forward Direction PedalRear Direction Pedal Figure
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      Operation GENERAL SAFETY INTERLOCK SYSTEM Before first time operation, drive in an open area withoutmowing, to become accustomed to the unit. Be sure to Your tractor is equipped with a seat switch safety read all information in the Safety and Operation sections
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      Operation II I. I Figure 4. Mower Deck Right Side A. Clip C. Height Adjustment Lever B. Pin Clip Figure 5. Mower Deck Left Side A. Rod Pin Clip C. Lever MOWER INSTALLATION REMOVAL A WARNING Engage parking brake, disengage PTO, stopengine and remove key before
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      Operation CHECKS BEFORE STARTING 1. Make sure you have proper wheel or counterweights installed if required. See Slope Operation in the Safety Rules section. Make sure any slopes are with- in required limits. 2. Check that crankcase is filled to full mark
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      Operation 4. On hydro model, release the parking brake by depressing the brake pedal (A, figure then press down on either pedal (I or J, figure 2) for the desireddirection and speed of travel. On gear model, fully depress clutch/brake pedal (A, figure 8)
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      GENERAL For the first use of the mower, choose a smooth level area. Cut long straight strips overlapping slightly. The size and type of area to be mowed determines the best mowing pattern to use. Obstructions such as trees, fences and buildings must also
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      Mowing Patterns lips l Change the mowing pattern each time. l If mulching baffles are removed, the original deflectormust be in operating position for safe side-dischargemowing. How Much Grass To Cut Off Removing too much grass height in one cutting mayresult
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      Normal Care SCHEDULE The following schedule should be followed for normal care of your tractor and mower. You will need to keep a record of your operating time. Determining operating time is easily accomplished by multiplying the time it takes to do one
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      CHECKING TIRE PRESSURE Front tire pressure should be 12 15 psi (82 103 Rear tire pressure should be 10 12 psi (56 82 CHECKING FUEL FILTER The fuel filter is located in fuel line between fuel tank and carburetor. If filter is dirty or clogged, replace as
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      Normal Care TRANSAXLE HYDRO MODELS The hydro transaxle is a sealed unit. The transaxle isfilled with oil and does not require any further lubrication unless a service overhaul is performed BATTERY MAINTENANCE Checking the Battery Fluid 1. Raise the seat
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      SERVICING THE MOWER BLADES A WARNING For your personal safety, do not handle thesharp mower blades with bare hands. Carelessor improper handling of blades may result in serious injury. For your personal safety, blade mounting screws must each be installed
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      A WARNING Never store the tractor, with gasoline in engine or fuel tank, in a heated shelter or in enclosed, poorly ventilatedenclosures. Gasoline fumes may reach an open flame, spark or pilot light (such a furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, etc.) and
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      GENERAL This section of the manual provides troubleshooting and repair instructions for the more common and easily cor-rected problems. For other problems, it is recommended that you contact your dealer. A WARNING To avoid serious injury, perform maintenance
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      Tractor will not move with transmission inforward or reverse position. Brake is not fully released. See Brake Adjustments. 2. Transmission release lever (hydro models) not fully in drive position. See Pushing The Tractor By Hand. TROUBLESHOOTING THE MOWER
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      Troubleshooting Repair 6. Charae the until (i.e. until the 6. Connect the second cable negative (-) to other post specific gravity electrolyte 1.250 or higher and the electrolyte temperature is at least 60” F). The best method of making certain a battery
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      Troubleshooting Repair THIS HOOK-UP FOR NEGATIVE GROUND VEHICLES T O T O MAKE CERTAIN VEHICLES DO NOT TOUCH Figure 17. Battery Jump Starting Diagram Adjustments ‘igure 18. Seat Adjustment A. Seat Adjustment Lever F N u t B. Spring BRAKE ADJUSTMENT 1. Fully
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      Adjustments View is from right side of tractor with rear wheel removed. Figure 20. Neutral Adjustment Hydro ModelA. Nut C. Cam Slot B. Neutral Adjustment Rod D. Stop Pin NEUTRAL ADJUSTMENT HYDRO If the tractor creeps forward or backward with the enginerunning
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      Adjustments when the front pedal edge is above the frame (pedal fully depressed). If it is not, loosen nut (A, figure read- just pedal as necessary, then retighten nut. NEUTRAL ADJUSTMENT GEAR If the tractor creeps forward or backward with the gear selector
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      Adjustments Measurement should be equal within higher at front Figure 27. Front-to-Back Adjustment Nut A. Outside Nut C. Adjustment Nut B. Eccentric Nut Figure 26. Leveling the Mower Deck Front-to-Back 5. See figure 25. Loosen the outside nut (A) and taptite
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      Belt Replacement Figure 29. Drive Belt Routing Hydro Models A. Engine Pulley C. Idler Pulley B. Transmission Pulley Figure 28. PTO (Electric Clutch) Assembly A . P T O C. Washer B. Sleeve D . A CAUTION To avoid damaging belts, do not pry belts over pulleys.
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      Specifications ENGINE 14 HP Briggs Stratton Make:Model &Type: Cylinder: Bore Stroke:Displacement: Construction: Electrical: Governor: Oil Capacity: Ignition: Charging:Air Cleaner: Fuel Tank: MufflerStarter: Briggs Stratton 4 cycle air cooled See engine
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      Parts Accessories Replacement Parts Tractor Drive Belt-Hydro Models Tractor Drive Belt-Gear Models Drive Belt MowerIgnition Key Headlight Bulb Mower Blade Mower Blade Battery Fuel FilterInterlock Switch PTOInterlock Switch Seat Interlock Switch Foot pedals
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