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      126114-UUM-D-0906 USER’S INFORMATION MANUAL OUTDOOR SPLIT-SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONERMODELS: 13 & 14 SEER SERIES 1.5 TO 5 TONS LISTED ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System This high efficiency air conditioning system has been precision engi-neered,
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      126114-UUM-D-0906 2 Unitary Products Group Fan Operation Selection A multi-position fan switch allows you to choose the type of fan opera-tion of the indoor fan. AUTO - With the thermostat fan switch set to “AUTO”, the fan will runintermittently as required
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      126114-UUM-D-0906 Unitary Products Group 3 If your system is an add-on type, (installed in conjunction with a stan-dard furnace) inspect your furnace blower motor and care for it in thesame way. FILTER CARE Inspect the air filter(s) at least once a month.
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