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The story of Voltair, Inc started in early 1985 and it was one of farmers in Nebraska state who understood certain need. Dennis Goertzen created his really unique unit due to being not satisfied with current gas operated systems; so, his point was to develop something for providing "air where and when he needed it!".
Having great encouragement from friends and family members Dennis came to an idea to refine his very first unit in attempt to get a niche inside the farming industry. Having such own philosophy with an idea not dealing with warranty work, Dennis set out to manufacture a unique 12-Volt Air Compressor which is supposed to fill a niche as well as to provide compressed air for years without any failure. He produced first six units in December 1990 and took them to the trade show in Amarillo (Texas).
Amazingly but without many efforts he was able to sell all six units just in three days.
With such success Dennis felt greatly encouraged and was convinced that new customers will definitely purchase his compressors, so returned to the market with another twelve additional units and even with some cash refund for the first year customers. This time five of Dennis' six first customers came to him again just to thank him for the 12-Volt Air Compressors they purchased a year earlier. They said that they would never let their compressor go.
And then it became quite common for Dennis to get a call from his buyers who wanted to get a new cabinet for their 12-Volt Air Compressor as they move it over to their new pickup, for the fifth or sixth time. With time the customer bas of Voltair has grown, and that pointed out to turning compressed air to a needed commodity in almost every industry.
As everyone probably is aware, time nowadays means money.
Technology era has its boom and almost everything has gone mobile, thus having compressed air at any time you want and everywhere you want is exactly what people need today. Due to the big sizes gasoline powered air compressor as well as another 12 volt operated air compressor currently presented on the market are often left behind and cannot compete with the highest quality of the Voltair, owning a Voltair just makes perfect sense.