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The new prospective firm 2Wire has began more than decade ago in 1998 in particular, its founders were Brian Hinman known for the creation of another two firms - Polycom as well as PictureTel, Tom Spalding, Brad Kayton and Pasquale Romano. Just in two years after foundation the company was able to present the very first innovative product - a residential gateway named HomePortal, the presentation took part in Consumer Electronic Show, or CES. That was a novel combination of router and broadband modem which allows such connectivity as DSL within home network, also it provided protection in a way of firewall and some remote management features. The modified residential gateway, this time wireless one, was presented publicly just one year after the first one.

Four years after foundation of the firm its specialists developed management platform for remote customers premises, or CMS. The same year but a bit later the innovative protocol OGMP, or Open gateway Management Protocol, was presented. This was the platform that became the base for another management protocol TR-069 WAN, which later ratified during the same 2004 year on the DSL Forum.

In the beginning of 2003 the company 2Wire as well produced wireless gateway powered by complete complex architecture as system-on-a-chip. The same year company bought one provider of digital media known as Sugar Media. Then, in 2004, by spring a media platform with many services MediaPortal was launched, that platform enables integration of DSL and satellite. Set-top box powered by MediaPortal consists of television video and photo viewing, music, recoding function for digital video as well as ability for messaging; it has been deployed in 2006 by AT&T being a component of company's service Homezone.

Later in 20006 public was amused by novel intelligent Network Interface Device, or iNID, for HomePortal, which was the same residential gateway for outdoor broadband which helps to support VDSL2 and even fiber connections to the premises (FTTP).

Soon after that the acquisition of Kenati Technologies has happened, that new software company produced embedded devices. The acquisition took place in the Autumn of 2007 (October).

A year after that, in fact even a bit earlier, customers of 2Wire got above twenty million novel residential gateways shipped to them. Those customers were providers of telecommunication services.

Another year passed and customers were introduced to a newly developed MediaPoint Digital Media Player, created by Blockbuster Inc and 2Wire as set-top box which helps to play any video content shared home network.