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321 Studios

Once it was not less than headquarters owned privately by a company and situated in a one Missouri town named Saint Louis. Its office for the sales was that time located in Californian Berkeley. Those time the firm was considered one of leaders in the market of companies providing authoring kind of software for DVD. That includes such controversial product as DVD X Copy which belongs to DVD coying software range. That production line was developed to help new PC's owners copy any type of DVD movies very fast and without need of specific technical knowledge; that software even enables protected DVDs with Content Scrambling System, or CSS. Production lines of 321 Studios were available almost in all main Northern American and even international outlets as well as on the internet-shop beased on the company's official website. Yet Februuary of 2004 became a doomsday for the company because three-years long legal fighting in the court in California with fe main studios in Hollywood was lost. According to court decision the copying software line violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the case against Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc. Thus above mentioned product has become banned for any sale. After that the company closed down in August of 2004.