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8e6 Technologies

At the first place this company was created as Log-In Data Corporation in 1995, but just in five years the name was changed into 8e6 Technologies. George Shin who held CEO position for nearly a decade and was one of those who founded the company, also was the one developers who created numerous technological techniques meant to be used in company's products for the filtering of online-space. Initially products were developed in attempts to offer internet space for kids without any slight hint to pornography, therefore firm came up with filtering advanced technologies and software which should be used in personal computers placed in educational sector of environment. Time has passed and 8e6 Technologies created and offered to public another products from the technology line which is meant for managing access to Internet-space in other types of market. The new service was that good that it managed to get a Best Buy nomination in two consecutive years - 2007 and 2008 by SC Magazine, those products were various appliances which help to filter, report and monitor Internet. November of 2008 became the year when two companies decided to merge thus we got a new creative and innovative corporation named Marsha8e6, and the new name came from mentioned above 8e6 Technologies combined with Marshal Ltd. which initially was founded to provide range of security products or Web-space and e-mails. George Shih, the ex-CEO of one company, has remained holding that position until April 2009 news about John Vigouroux (the ex-CEO of Finjan) becoming new company executive officer. That year (2009) the new merged corporation bought Avinti together with original malware behavior-based technology which is needed for detection of mixed threats, the same happened with Fujan along with developed by its specialists technology for code real time analysis. But just some time before buying Fujan in September the same year the corporation has gotten another name as M86 Security.