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PageScope Direct Print



PageScope Direct Print

PageScope Direct Print is an application that allows a PDF file or a TIFF file to be directly transmitted to, and
printed on, the printer.

It permits printing of data through drag and drop to the desktop icon and using the context (right-click) menu
of Windows, and automatic printing of data using a hot folder. The application also allows two or more dif-
ferent print job setups to be registered.

When data is to be printed through PageScope Direct Print, the user is authenticated to be an authorized user
by using an 8-to-64-digit User Password or Account Password. When the Enhanced Security Mode is set to
[ON], the number of times in which authentication fails is counted.

Printing through PageScope Direct Print


If the "Edit Authentication/Account Track for each drag-and-drop printing" check box is not selected
on the PageScope Direct Print main screen, no authentication screen appears for drag-and-drop print-
ing. Select the "Edit Authentication/Account Track for each drag-and-drop printing" check box when
using PageScope Direct Print.


Drag and drop the desired file to the PageScope Direct Print shortcut.

% Right-click the desired file. PageScope Direct Print can be selected from the menu that will then be



Select the "Use User Authentication" check box and the "Recipient User" radio button.


Enter the User Name and the 8-to-64-digit User Password that have been registered in the machine.

% If [ON (External Server)] is set for the authentication method, select the desired external server.

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