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HDD Backup Utility



HDD Backup Utility

The HDD Backup Utility, which is to be installed in the PC of the Administrator of the machine, is application
software used exclusively for accessing the HDD in this machine.

The HDD Backup Utility functions performed by the Administrator of the machine allow the image data saved
in the HDD of the machine to be backed up and restored. It is not possible to open directly the backup data.

To gain access to the machine from the HDD Backup Utility, the user is authenticated to be an authorized
Administrator by using an 8-digit Administrator Password. The Administrator Password entered during the
authentication procedure is displayed as "*." When the Enhanced Security mode is set to [ON], the number
of times in which authentication fails is counted.


Make sure that none of the general users of the machine will know the Administrator Password.

If the Administrator Password is forgotten, it must be set again by the Service Engineer. Contact your Tech-
nical Representative.




In Backup, neither the Administrator Password nor CE Password is backed up.


Start the HDD Backup Utility.


Select this machine and click [Backup].


Enter the 8-digit Administrator Password registered in the machine in the "Administrator password"

% If the "Save the administrator password" check box is selected, the Administrator Password en-

tered is stored in the PC being used. If you do not want the Administrator Password stored, clear
the "Save the administrator password" check box.

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