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Changing the Administrator Password



Changing the Administrator Password

When access to the machine by the Administrator of the machine through the Administrator Settings from
the control panel is authenticated, the machine enables the operation of changing the Administrator Pass-
word required for accessing the Administrator Settings.

The Administrator Password entered for the authentication purpose appears as "*" on the display.

Changing the Administrator Password


For the procedure to call the Security Settings screen on the display, see steps 1 and 2 of page 2-10.


Do not leave the machine with the setting screen of Administrator Settings left shown on the display. If
it is absolutely necessary to leave the machine, be sure first to log off from the Administrator Settings.


Call the Security Settings screen on the display from the control panel.


Touch [Administrator Password].


Enter the currently set 8-digit Administrator Password from the keyboard or keypad.

% Press the [C] key to clear all characters.

% Touch [Delete] to delete the last character entered.

% Touch [Shift] to show the upper case/symbol screen.

% Touch [Cancel] to go back to the Security Settings screen.


Touch [OK].

% If a wrong Administrator Password is entered, a message that tells that the Administrator Password

does not match appears. Enter the correct Administrator Password.

% If the Enhanced Security Mode is set to [ON], entry of a wrong password is counted as unauthorized

access. If a wrong Administrator Password is entered a predetermined number of times (once to
three times) or more set by the Administrator of the machine, the Utility screen appears and the ma-
chine is set into an access lock state. To cancel the access lock state, settings must be made by
the Service Engineer; or, turn off, and then turn on, the main power switch of the machine. If the
main power switch is turned off and on, the access lock state is canceled after the lapse of time set
for [Release Time Settings]. When the main power switch is turned off, then on again, wait at least
10 seconds to turn it on after turning it off. If there is no wait period between turning the main power

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