Motorola i390 User Manual

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Welcome to Nextel

Thank you for choosing Nextel as your wireless digital
communications provider. The Nextel i390 is one of the most
sophisticated digital cellular phones available today, offering
you a range of unique, state-of-the-art features.

This guide contains all the information you’ll need to take full
advantage of your Nextel Phone service, including:

• Digital cellular calling for crystal-clear connections and

built-in call security.

• Nextel Direct Connect


, an exclusive feature that lets you

communicate instantly with one or more co-workers at a
fraction of the cost of cellular.

• Voice Mail to keep you from missing important calls.

• Text and Numeric Paging to help you stay connected —

even when you don’t have time to talk on the phone.

You’ll also find details on other important Nextel features,
like the all-digital national network ... no roaming fees ...
one-second call rounding after the first minute ... flat-rate long
distance pricing anywhere in the continental U.S. ... and no
landline connection charges.

So take a moment to look over your guide. The further you
read, the more you’ll agree that Nextel is the right choice for
you and your business.

For more information about Nextel or to view this guide via
the web, visit us at


Call Nextel Customer Care at 1-800-639-6111,

or dial 611 on your Nextel Phone.