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Welcome to Nextel

Thank you for choosing Nextel as your wireless digital
communications provider. The Nextel i390 is one of the most
sophisticated digital cellular phones available today, offering
you a range of unique, state-of-the-art features.

This guide contains all the information you’ll need to take full
advantage of your Nextel Phone service, including:

• Digital cellular calling for crystal-clear connections and

built-in call security.

• Nextel Direct Connect


, an exclusive feature that lets you

communicate instantly with one or more co-workers at a
fraction of the cost of cellular.

• Voice Mail to keep you from missing important calls.

• Text and Numeric Paging to help you stay connected —

even when you don’t have time to talk on the phone.

You’ll also find details on other important Nextel features,
like the all-digital national network ... no roaming fees ...
one-second call rounding after the first minute ... flat-rate long
distance pricing anywhere in the continental U.S. ... and no
landline connection charges.

So take a moment to look over your guide. The further you
read, the more you’ll agree that Nextel is the right choice for
you and your business.

For more information about Nextel or to view this guide via
the web, visit us at www.nextel.com.


Call Nextel Customer Care at 1-800-639-6111,

or dial 611 on your Nextel Phone.


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    1 Welcome to Nextel Thank you for choosing Nextel as your wireless digital communications provider. The Nextel i390 is one of the mostsophisticated digital cellular phones available today, offeringyou a range of unique, state-of-the-art features. This guide
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    2 3 Getting Started ..........................................................pg. 3Activating your phone..............................................pg. 3Charging your battery...............................................pg. 3Attaching and Detaching your
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    5 Getting Started 4 Attaching your Battery To attach the charged battery to yourportable phone, align the battery with theengraved arrows on the phone. Slide thebattery upward until you hear a click.Detaching your Battery To detach the battery, pull back
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    7 6 6. Once the name is entered, press under “Store.” 7. Enter the Phone List number you want for this number or accept the default number that is displayed. 8. Press under “Store.” 9. When you have entered all the new numbers that you want, press under
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    9 8 Selecting call notification Choose from nine ring stylesWith your Nextel Phone, you even have a choice on how you’dlike to be notified of incoming calls. Your Nextel Phone featuresnine selectable ring styles. 1. Press , , , to quickly access the Programming
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    11 Banner Copy 10 Getting Started Or ...If you know the number of the item you wish to select, you canenter the number directly, without scrolling. Select Programming Menu Items 1 Own phone number (Displays your Nextel phone number.) 2 Store Private ID (Displays
  • p. 7/20
    13 12 Digital Services To forward calls, press until “Forwd” is on the display, then press . Next, enter the number where you want your calls forwarded, press under “On” and then press under “Exit.” Your calls will now be forwarded to the numberyou’ve indicated
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    15 Banner Copy 14 Voice Mail and Paging: these integrated Nextel services provide added flexibility! Nextel Voice MailYour Nextel Phone has a powerful and easy-to-use Voice Mail servicethat takes messages when you are unable to answer your phone. Forfurther
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    17 16 Digital Services Retrieving New Voice Mail MessagesYour Nextel Phone will alert you each time you receive a new Voice Mail message. When you receive a new Voice Mail message, your Nextel Phone will: • Display “New Voice Mail Waiting” on the screen
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    19 18 Digital Services Enjoy the added convenience of Nextel Paging! Text and Numeric PagingYour Nextel Phone also offers Text and Numeric Paging built right in! So whether you’re in a client meeting and can’t be interrupted by phone calls, or you just need
  • p. 11/20
    21 20 Digital Services Sending Messages from the InternetIf you have access to the Internet, then you can send a text ornumeric page. Web Paging - Simply go to www.nextel.com and click on “SENDA PAGE”. Enter the recipient’s 10-digit Nextel telephone numberin
  • p. 12/20
    23 22 Nextel Direct Connect SM Finally, press and hold the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button on the sideof your phone, wait for the chirp and speak into the mouthpiece.Release the PTT button to listen. When you receive a Private Call, you’ll hear a single alerttone
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    25 24 Use Nextel Direct Connect SM Group Call to call your team. Much simpler than setting up a conference call, a Group Call allows you to instantly communicate with members of aselected group — a pre-defined set of individuals who share a common communication
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    27 26 Useful Information Enjoy quality digital Nextel service with NO ROAMING CHARGES! Nextel’s all-digital National Network is constantly expanding. We currently provide quality service in over 400 cities throughoutthe U.S. and Canada. So whether you’re
  • p. 15/20
    29 28 Useful Information More helpful information about your bill. Account and Service SummariesThe Account Summary itemizes payments, adjustments, taxesand other charges not associated with a specific category of service. It provides this information for
  • p. 16/20
    31 30 Useful Information 1 Your account number appears at the top of each page. Be sure to have this number handy whenever you call Nextel Customer Care. 2 Your activity for the month is summarized in eye-catchingboxes at the top of the page. 3 The Summary
  • p. 17/20
    33 32 Useful Information 1 Your regular monthly access charges are displayed first. When youbegin a service, add a service, or change your rate plan, your first billmay show two charges: for the period from the first day of service to the beginning of your
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    35 34 Useful Information More Questions? Just call 1-800-639-6111, or dial 611 on your Nextel Phone. Q. What do I do if my phone breaks?A. Call Nextel Customer Care at 1-800-639-6111. Relax! Nextel Customer Care is here to help. There are lots of features
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    37 36 Useful Information Terms and Conditions of Service TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE: before calling the Nextel Customer ServiceActivation Number contained in these materials, you (“Customer”) must read andagree to the following terms and conditions
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    39 38 Useful Information 9. NOTICE REGARDING USE OF SERVICE FOR 911 OR OTHER EMERGENCY CALLS — the Service provider hereunder does not interact with 911 and otheremergency services in the same manner as land line telephone service. Dependingon the circumstances

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