Samsung 21-869 User Manual

10m ham/cb base antenna, Important safety precautions

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Your RadioShack 10M Ham/CB Base
Antenna provides excellent reception of
amateur radio, CB, and commercial radio
signals. The antenna can handle up to
2000 watts of transmit power.

Your antenna’s features include:

Electrical Half-Wave Design — pro-
vides high gain.

Note: To improve your antenna’s gain,
you can connect an optional ground
plane kit (available through your local
RadioShack store) to your antenna.

Three Easy-to-Assemble Sections
help you quickly and easily assemble the

Dual Tuning Rings — help you quickly
set the antenna for optimum perfor-
mance over a wide range of frequencies.

Ultraviolet Inhibitor — the antenna’s
UV-protected housing is made of impact-
resistant fiberglass, making the exterior
resistant to weathering and color change.

Strong Internal Construction — pre-
vents the antenna’s internal wires from
rattling, for maximum strength.


Many do-it-yourself and professional an-
tenna installers are injured or killed each
year by electric shock. Many power wires
are within 20 to 25 feet of the ground and
could easily be touched by an assembled
antenna or cable. Touching the overhead
wires with any part of the antenna is the
same as touching the wires with your
bare hand. Contacting an electrical wire
almost always results in a very serious

To avoid electric shock, please read and
follow these important safety precautions:

• Be sure to select an antenna site

well away from all overhead wires.

• Do not try to guess which overhead

wires carry high voltage. Check with
the power company.

• If you notice anything making con-

tact with the overhead wires, call the
power company to have it removed.

• Do not run the antenna’s cable over

power wires.

• Get help from a qualified profes-

sional when removing the old
antenna, especially if you have any
doubt about clearing overhead

• Never install an antenna by your-

self. Be sure to have at least two
people available for help.

• Never install an antenna on a windy


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