Precautions, On bluetooth communication (nv-u94t/u74t only) – Sony NV-U84 User Manual

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• As a driver you are solely responsible for your

road safety.
– In order to avoid traffic accidents, do not

operate the system while driving.

– In order to avoid traffic accidents, operate the

system only when the vehicle is stopped at a
safe place and the parking brake is set.

– In order to avoid a traffic accident or traffic

offence, remember that actual road conditions
and traffic regulations take precedence over
the information contained in the navigation

– Accordingly, the Software may contain

inaccurate or incomplete information due to
the passage of time, changing circumstances,
and due to the nature of the sources used.
Please observe the actual traffic
circumstances and regulations at all times
while driving.

– In a situation when actual road conditions and

traffic regulations differ from the information
contained in the navigation system, then
abide by traffic rules.

– The navigation system does not provide, or

account for in any way; information regarding
traffic and road laws; vehicle specifications
including weight, height, width, load, and/or
speed restrictions; road conditions including
road slope, grade, and/or surface conditions;
obstruction information including bridge and
tunnel height and width, and/or other
prevailing driving and/or road conditions.
Always rely on your own driving judgment,
taking into account current driving

– Minimize the amount of time spent viewing

the screen while driving.


On Bluetooth communication
(NV-U94T/U74T only)

• Bluetooth wireless technology operates within

a range of about 10 m (about 30 ft).
Maximum communication range may vary
depending on obstacles (person, metal, wall,
etc.) or electromagnetic environment.

• When using the Bluetooth function, install the

unit within 60 cm (about 20 in) from the driver.

• The following conditions may affect the

sensitivity of Bluetooth communication:
– There is an obstacle such as a person, metal,

or wall between this unit and Bluetooth
device (cellphone, etc.).

– A device using 2.4 GHz frequency, such as a

wireless LAN device, cordless telephone, or
microwave oven, is in use near this unit.

• Because Bluetooth devices and wireless LAN

(IEEE802.11b/g) use the same frequency,
microwave interference may occur and result in
communication speed deterioration, noise, or
invalid connection if this unit is used near a
wireless LAN device. In such as case, perform
the following:
– Use this unit at least 10 m (about 30 ft) away

from the wireless LAN device.

– If this unit is used within 10 m (about 30 ft) of

a wireless LAN device, turn off the wireless
LAN device.

– Install this unit and Bluetooth device as near

to each other as possible.

• Microwaves emitting from a Bluetooth device

may affect the operation of electronic medical
devices. Turn off this unit and other Bluetooth
devices in the following locations, as it may
cause an accident:
– where inflammable gas is present, in a

hospital, train, airplane, or a gas station

– near automatic doors or a fire alarm

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