Sharp OZ-770 User Manual

Page 24

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General Operation


operations to work properly. You are strongly
recommended to carry out regular ìhousekeepingî by
deleting unwanted or out-of-date information to prevent
the memory becoming full.

The Second Main Menu - the Organizerís
Basic Utilities

Many of the basic utilities are accessed through the Second
Main Menu. It is also used to set up and configure certain
features, such as the display contrast.


twice to enter the Second Main Menu then press

the number key to enter the respective application or move
the cursor to select the application and press


Clock- The unitís built-in clock displays the correct time
and date in your area.

Secret- Setting the password / locking the organizer (see

Memory- Checking the memory size (see p.21)

Contrast- Setting the display contrast (see p.10)

Formats- Setting the calendar display format and time
system (see p.57)

Sound- Setting the key sound / daily alarm / schedule
alarm on or off (see p.10)

Start-up display- Activating the autorun of basic application
or choosing to show / hide the ownerís information (see

Key Assignment (see p.58)

Setting the Ownerís Information

The Owner Information comprises your name, address and
telephone number. You can choose to have this information
displayed each time you turn the Organizer on.

If you make a mistake while entering the Owner
Information, donít worry! You can edit the Owner
Information easily during normal use.



twice to enter the Second Main Menu and select

Start-up Display then press




to move to the OWNER INFORMATION field.



to choose SHOW or HIDE the ownerís