Lyngdorf Audio PREMIOS CEC2008 User Manual

Lyngdorf dpa-1, Best preamplifier/processor, Premios cec2008

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Lyngdorf DPA-1

Best Preamplifier/Processor

Yes, the DPA-1 is a very

good stereo preamplifier,

but what we want to

emphasize is its Room

Perfect exclusive acoustic

correction system. When

many devices (preamps,

processors and AV recei-

vers) feature automatic

calibration systems, and

some also solutions for

acoustic correction, the

Room Perfect takes

indisputable leader position

in this field. Not only

because it really manages

to correct the imperfections

of our living rooms, but

because it keeps the

personality of the loudspea-

kers nearly intact. We came

across the Room Perfect

with the Lyngdorf TDA 2200

and yet at that time, we

asked for a solution like the

DPA-1 represents today. It

can look expensive, but for

the moment it is the only

stereo preamplifier that as

well as working perfect,

includes an intelligent and

unique acoustic correction

that deserves our complete


A product that we absolu-

tely recommend for its

significance, that undoub-

tedly, deserves the award it

has received.