Pioneer Elite A-35R User Manual

A - 3 5 r, M - 1 0 x, P d - f 2 7

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A - 3 5 R

I n t e g r a t e d A m p l i fi e r

M - 1 0 X

2 - C h a n n e l P o w e r A m p l i fi e r

P D - F 2 7

3 0 0 + 1 D i s c C o m p a c t D i s c P l a y e r

P D - F 1 7

1 0 0 + 1 D i s c C o m p a c t D i s c P l a y e r

New Flat Design

Direct Energy MOSFET

45W x 2, 20-20k @ 8 ohm
65W x 2, 20-20k @ 4 ohm

4 Ohm Stable (Low-Impedance
Driving Capacity)

Complementary Capacitor Pair

Tone Control

Loudness Control

Low-Noise Designs

“Direct” Switch

Phono EQ On/Off

Amp Mode

Audio Inputs x 6

Headphone Output

Speaker A/B Switching Relay

Speaker Outputs x 2

SR (System Remote) Terminal

100 Watts Per Channel (Stereo):
4 ohms from 20-20,000 Hz with
No More than .3% Total
Harmonic Distortion

Advanced Direct Energy
MOSFET Amplifier Design

Wide Range Linear Circuit

Transformer Stabilizer

4 Ohm Stable (Low-Impedance
Driving Capacity)

Banana Speaker Terminals

CD Keyboard Title Input

Center Loading Mechanism

10 Custom Filing Modes


50 Track Best Selection

Memory Back-up

Full Random Play

2 Unit Link Connection

Headphone Out w/ Volume

24 Bit D/A High Bit Legato
Link Conversion

Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion

Single Loader for Added

Roulette Rack Design

Motorized Door

Pioneer SR Remote Control

Title Input and CD Text

Full Random Play

Custom Modes

Best Selection Memory

CD-Deck Synchro

Direct Track Access by 10-Key
Pad Remote

20-bit D/A Converter

System Remote (SR) in/out



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