Workio – fits easily into your workplace, Digital imaging with greater ease and versatility, Compact, networkable workgroup solution – Panasonic DP-1520P User Manual

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WORKIO – Fits easily into your workplace

Welcome to the world of WORKiO digital imaging platforms where digital communications and

imaging technology converge. Integrating the multiple functions of copying and printing into

one compact, easy-to-use solution, the WORKiO DP-1520P empowers your workplace with more

versatility, productivity and network connectivity to truly become “the SMART way to work”.

“wingless” for true compactness

By moving the output tray “inside” and eliminating

protruding paper trays, WORKiO's small footprint

represents virtually all the space required for setup.

The DP-1520P copies at a quick 15 ppm with sharp 600dpi quality, provides A3-size input

and output, and improves efficiency with

Double Exposure


2-in-1 copying


Digital SkyShot

and Image Rotation

. An Automatic Document Feeder is available as an option to accelerate

copying of multi-page originals. And with standard electronic sorting, you won’t have to

hand-sort those larger copy jobs. In addition to 600 x 600 dpi resolution and a 256 level

gray scale, the DP-1520P provides consistently optimum image quality by monitoring and

adjusting for room temperature and humidity conditions.

2-in-1 Copying

This handy feature saves paper by fitting two

reduced images on one sheet.





Double Exposure

W O R K i O O r i g i n a l

By selecting the Double Exposure key located on the control panel, users can make quality copies of double-sided

documents on a single sheet of paper without the black borders, even if the platen cover is open.This is especially

convenient for copying small double-sided originals such as ID and insurance cards, cheques and receipts.

With Double Exposure

First Pass – Image #1

Second Pass – Image #2

Two Images Combined
Onto a Single Sheet


Original Scanning Area

Original Scanning Area


high-speed digital copier

network interface

WORKiO is about sharing networked resources and multiplying their effectiveness

With the standard 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface, all networked PCs can

access the power and performance of network printing from the desktop. Optional

PCL 6/PS3 expand printing versatility and 1200 dpi x 600 dpi equivalent quality.

Document Manager software

Image Viewer enables the user to easily

view, annotate or attach memos to the

file. With “drag and drop” simplicity, users

can manage and edit documents from

their desktop PC, and even share them

with other PCs.


Print *


Print *


Status monitor

Status Monitor lets users check the current

status of the WORKiO DP-1520P without

leaving their desks.

high-speed network ready A3-size printer

When connected to your office LAN via the standard 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface, the DP-1520P serves as a

high-speed, high-quality

laser printer

capable of handling documents up to A3 size. Even when performing at a quick 15 ppm (A4 size), the printer maintains sharp 1,200 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi*



quality. This standard connectivity will allow all the PCs on your LAN to take advantage of the printing capabilities and cost savings afforded by the WORKiO

DP-1520P. And for connecting to an individual PC, a USB interface is also provided as standard equipment.

The EnergyStar-compliant DP-1520P contributes to lower Total Cost of

Ownership (TCO). In sleep mode, energy requirements drop to virtually nothing.

The work enviroment is also quieter and cleaner thanks to reduced noise and

ozone emissions.

environment-friendly design

compact, networkable workgroup solution

Digital imaging with greater

ease and versatility.

Combining copier and printer functions in a single platform with A3-size capability, the DP-1520P

provides a practical, cost-effective solution for office document processing. And with the standard 10/100

Ethernet interface, it is ready to serve as a

network printer

. Its compact "wingless" design enables



, even on a desktop corner, saving valuable office space. As with all WORKiO platforms, the

DP-1520P is designed for maximum ease of use.

Image Rotation

No matter the orientation

of the original, this feature

delivers accurate copies.

Digital imaging with greater

ease and versatility.

*1 Optional Printer Controller Module is required.
*2 Optional Multi Page Description Language Controller

Module is required.

Without Digital SkyShot

With Digital SkyShot


Original Scanning Area

Digital SkyShot

By making a copy with the cover open, this

convinient function eliminates annoying black

borders that also waste toner.