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Instruction Manual Nuvo - NV-E6DMS, NV-E6DXS

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Six-Source, Six-Zone Audio Distribution System

NV-E6DMS/NV-E6DXS Owners Manual


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    Essentia ™ Six-Source, Six-Zone Audio Distribution System NV-E6DMS/NV-E6DXS Owners Manual
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    ENGLISH DangerExposure to extremely high noise levels may cause a permanenthearing loss. Individuals vary considerably to noise induced hearingloss but nearly everyone will lose some hearing if exposed to sufficientlyintense noise for a sufficient time.
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    FRENCH DURE EN HEURES PAR JOUR 8 6 4 3 2 1 INIVEAU SONORE CONTINU EN dB 90 93 95 97 100 103 DangerL‘exposition a des niveaux eleves de bruit peut provoquer une pertepermanente de l’audition, Chaque organisme humain reagitdifferemment quant a la perte de
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    4 Essentia Six-Source, Six-Zone Audio Distribution System NV-E6DMS/NV-E6DXS Owners Manual Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the NuVo Essentia audio distribution system. Essentia offers the newest indigital audio technology in an attractive,
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    C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C Source 6Sat. AudioOut Source 1Tuner 1 AudioOut Source 2Tuner 2 AudioOut Source 5CD
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    Quick Start Guide Your Essentia Audio Distribution System is quick and easy to install. This guide outlines the necessary steps foran accurate and successful installation, and years of audio enjoyment. Step 1: Check your package for all of the components.
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    Step 7: Connect the provided pre-terminated network Cable in the RJ-45 connection jack on the front of the EZ Port andin the Network Connection on the back of the Essentia amplifier. Step 8: Each zone is easily set using the DIP switches located on the back
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    Essentia Amplifier Front Panel 1. POWER Button: The amplifier is designed to be turned on and remain on. The power buttonsupplies power to the system. Each zone can then be turned on or offindependently. The amplifier should be turned on before any external
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    9 Essentia Amplifier Back Panel 1. Audio Source Inputs: The Essentia amplifier accepts up to six audio sources. A source consists of anyaudio component capable of supplying a line level signal. 2 Source Link: This multi-pin connection is used to transfer
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    Essentia Keypad 1. Volume Indicator: These LED’s (light emitting diodes) indicate the zones volume level. The litLED travels to the right as the volume level is increased and to the left as it isdecreased. 2. Volume Buttons: These buttons control the zone’s
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    11 Essentia RC2 Remote Control 1. IR Emitter: Use the RC2 remote’s IR emitter to directly control the Essentia System or toteach the system control functions to any learning remote control. 2. Device Selectors: This allows you to easily switch between the
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    12 Installing Essentia in Your Home I. Complete Crimping Instructions for Cat-5 (Fig. 1) The NuVo audio systems require Cat-5, unshielded,twisted pair (UTP), for communication between thekeypads and the main amplifier unit. Each end of thewire is terminated
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    13 II. Installing the Essentia Amplifier System setup works best when the amplifier is placedin the same location as the audio source equipment.This is typically in an audio rack, entertainment centeror a closet dedicated to housing the home audio/videoequipment.
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    14 IV. Connecting the EZ Port to the Essentia amplifier (Fig. 3) When the EZ Port is installed in the wall the only partvisible should be the faceplate and a single RJ-45 jack.The supplied pre-terminated network cable can then beplugged into the jack on
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    15 VI. Connecting the IR Emitters (Fig. 5) IR commands for the source equipment are transferredfrom the Essentia amplifier to the source equipmentvia mini IR mouse emitters. Six of these are suppliedwith your Essentia System. The emitter is pluggedinto the
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    16 VIII. Installing the Essentia keypads (Fig. 7) You are now ready to install the keypads and completethe Essentia installation. This is easily done using aseries of DIP switches on the back of the keypad. Achart on the back of the keypad shows each switch’sfunction,
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    IX. Setting the Zone Address DIP Switches (Fig. 8) The first four switches on the keypads are designed tocreate a specific binary address identifying each zoneto the amplifier. Setting each zone address is easy, butit is important to note that each keypad
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    18 X. Setting the Preset Zone Equalization (Fig. 10) Switches 5,6, and 7 are used to set equalizations foreach zone. These can be used to accommodate foracoustical variations in each room. The switch settingsallow two levels of bass boost, two levels of
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    19 XII. Volume Reset (Fig. 12) Switch 9 controls the volume level when the zone isturned on. When it is in the down position, the zonewill turn on at its previous volume level. When it is inthe up position, the zone will turn on at a preset lowvolume level.
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    20 XIII. The NV-RC2 IR Remote Control (Fig. 13) The Essentia System comes with the RC2 remote con-trol. This remote allows wireless control of all of thekeypad functions, as well as the functions of the NuVoT3 Tuner. The four-backlit buttons at the top of
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    21 Essentia Accessories NV-MI1 Mute Interface Adapter (Fig. 15)The Mute Interface is used in conjunction with System Mute input in the back of the Essentia amplifier. It actsas a relay for a voltage from up to two phone lines and two doorbell transformers.
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    22 Accessories—continued NV-LSI12 Local Source Interrupt (Fig. 16)The Local Source Interrupt enables an amplified local audio source to override the Essentia System and playthrough the local zone in-wall speakers. The most common scenario for this is a TV
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    23 Accessories—continued NV-P2100 200 Watt Auxiliary Amplifier (Fig. 17) The P2100 is specifically designed for use with the NuVoSystems’ lineouts. It can be used with either the fixed orvariable lineouts on the Essentia either a 1/8" to 1/8" stereopatch
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    24 Troubleshooting Symptom When the keypad is plugged inthere is a loud pop through thespeakers and the keypad doesnot work. My keypad is lit, but nothinghappens when I press a but-ton. The amplifier is plugged in andturned on, but the STAND BYLED is not
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    25 Essentia Specifications Warranty NUVO Technologies warrants this product to be free ofdefects in workmanship or material for a period ofthree (3) years from the original date of purchase. Thiswarranty applies to the original purchaser only and isnot transferable.
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    Control Interface Description Document for the Nuvo E6D Main UnitRevision BNovember 26, 2003 DB9M PORT PINOUTS: Nuvo Transmit to System Controller on pin 2.Nuvo Receive from System Controller on pin 3.Ground on pin 5. SERIAL PORT PARAMETERS: RS232, RTS/CTS
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    COMMAND: *SxIR56SET<CR> - sets SOURCE x to 56 KHz IR repeat carrier (x is 1 to 6). RESPONSE: Same response as for #IRSETSR<CR> *********************************************************************************COMMAND: *SxIR38SET<CR> - sets
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    Once it is SET by one of these commands:a. It will remain set until power is cycled on the unit.b. Non-address DIP switch changes on a connected KEYPAD connected to this zone will be ignored. If override state is "0", this response is also issued
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    COMMAND: *ZxxVOLyy<CR> – Set volume of zone xx to level yy below max in dB from –0 to –78 dB (include lead 0 for all single-digit values). RESPONSE: Same response as for *ZxxCONSR<CR> *********************************************************************************COMMAND:
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    *********************************************************************************COMMAND: *ZxxVRSTON<CR> – zone xx VOLUME RESET ON. RESPONSE: Same response as for *ZxxSETSR<CR> NOTE: sending this command to the E6D will set override (lock out
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