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Руководство Rockford Fosgate - PCH-14X, PCH-314, PCH-414, PCH-514, PCH-614

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PCH-314 / PCH-414
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PCH-314, PCH-414, PCH-514, PCH-614

Краткое содержание руководства

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    Dear Customer, Congratulations on your purchase of America’s finest brand of car audio compo-nents. At Rockford Fosgate we are committed to musical reproduction at its best,and we are pleased you chose our product. Through years of engineering expertise,hand
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    T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S Package Contents .................................................................................... 1Introduction ............................................................................................ 1Technical Design
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    – 1 – P ACKAGE C ONTENTS I NTRODUCTION In today’s vehicles, space for everything is at a premium. Many times, thespace that car designers dedicate for the stereo system is an afterthought.Rockford Fosgate realizes that people who want stereo systems in theirvehicles
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    – 2 – Midrange Features ◆ PVA Treated Cone The lightweight paper cones are treated with PVA (PolyVinyl Acetate) forenvironmental stability and increased rigidity. This treatment promotessmooth midrange performance and low frequency extension free ofdistortion.
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    Tweeter Features ◆ Neodymium Magnets The high ionic compound of neodymium enables a smaller tweetermagnet assembly to be used as opposed to the much larger ferrite magnetsthat are commonly used in speaker manufacturing. THE RESULT: An efficient magnet which
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    – 4 – I NSTALLATION C ONSIDERATIONS ◆ Optical Compression Circuit The supplied passive crossovers utilize an optical compression circuit fortweeter protection. This protection circuit absorbs the destructive signalcaused when the amplifier's output is clipped.
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    – 5 – • Place the speakers where they have a direct path to the listening area. • When using the Punch Splits, there are two options for speaker place-ment between the midrange andtweeter. For the best integration be-tween the midrange and tweeter,the tweeter
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    Mounting the Midrange Punch Splits speakers with minimum path length differences willensure the best staging and imaging possible from your audiosystem. The mounting of the Punch Splits speakers and crossovers is just asimportant as choosing the location
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    5. Place the mounting ring over the hole.6. Attach the wires and be sure to observe the proper speaker polarity. Keep the speaker wires away from sharp andmoving objects. 7. Place the speaker into the hole and screw the speaker into place. Be careful not
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    Output from Amplifier Mounting the Punch Splits Plates 1. Cut the proper size hole for the midrange/woofer and tweeter. The midrange/woofer hole should be slightlylarger than the mounting plate woofer hole. 2. Place the mounting plate over the mounting holes
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    I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® Wiring the PCH-314 ACTIVE TWEETER PROTECTIONTX-4186 ® ® (Rear View) PCH-14 Dot indicates “+” Terminal Dot indicates “+” Terminal (Rear View) PCH-34 – + Output from Amplifier 100 µ f capacitor + – + – + Striped Wire ® – 9 – InputProtection
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    TWEETER PROTECTION Input – + Tweeter Output OUTPUT FROM AMPLIFIER Input Protection + – + – + – ® Wiring the TX-4186(Crossover/Tweeter Protection) I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® • Striped Wire indicates “+” terminal of tweeter Wiring the TX-4186(Tweeter Protection Only)
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    Tweeter Level Matching Cut jumper wire for –3dB • Factory set tweeter level is 0dB• Cut jumper wire on bottom of crossover to reduce tweeter level by –3dB (Bottom view of PCH-142x/TX-4186 – 11 – I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® Horizontal Logo Mounting ACTIVE TWEETER
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    Tweeters “burnup” easily Crossover is in “passive fil-ter bypass” configuration. External crossover is not fil-tering the tweeter properly. Excessive clipping fromamplifier. Equalizer in system (if avail-able) has excessive boost inthe high frequency range.
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    S PECIFICA TIONS – 13 – Crossover Crossover Crossover Tweeter Tweeter Level Frequency Slope Alignment Protection Matching TX-4186 6kHz 18dB/octave High-Pass Butterworth Optical Factory set at 0dB Compression User selectable –3dB PCH-142X 6kHz 18dB/octave
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    – 14 – L IMITED W A R R A N T Y I N F O R M AT I O N Rockford Corporation offers a limited warranty on Rockford Fosgate products on thefollowing terms: • Length of Warranty 1 year on speakers 30 days on speaker B-stock (receipt required) 3 years on electronics
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    I NTERNA TIONAL I N F O R M A T I O N – 15 –
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    I NSTALACIÓN Montaje del altavoz de medios I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® 1. Corte el agujero de tamaño exacto para el altavoz de medios o woofer.• Para el PCH-44, corte un agujero de 96,8mm de diámetro• Para el PCH-54, cortelo de 123,8mm• Para el PCH-64, cortelo de
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    4. Coloque el cable a través del agujero.5. Coloque el aro de montaje sobre el agujero.6. Conecte los cables al altavoz observando la polaridad del mismo.7. Coloque el altavoz en el agujero y atornillelo. Tenga cuidado en no doblar el soporte del altavoz
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    Cut jumper wire for –3dB Salida del Amplificador – + + – + – ® ® ® ACTIVE TWEETER PROTECTION PCH-142x El hilo marcado Conectando el TX-4186(Crossover/Proteccion de Tweeter) • El hilo marcado indica el “+” del tweeter Conectando el PCH-142x • El hilo marcado
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    I NSTALLATION Montage du haut-parleur médium I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® 1. Découper un trou adapté au haut-parleur médium/woofer. • Pour le PCH-44, le diamètre du trou est de 96,8mm• Pour le PCH-54, le diamètre du trou est de 123,8mm• Pour le PCH-64, le diamètre
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    – 20 – 4. Faire passer les fils dans le trou central.5. Placer l'anneau de montage au-dessus du trou central.6. Connecter les fils au haut-parleur en respectant les polarités. Eloigner les fils de toute partie tranchante ou mobile du véhicule. 7. Placer
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    Cut jumper wire for –3dB • Le niveau de défaut est de –0dB• Coupez le pontage au verso du filtre our atténuer l'aigu de 3dB. Vue d'en bas du PCH-142x/TX-4186 Sortie de l'empli – 21 – – + + – + – ® ® ® ACTIVE TWEETER PROTECTION PCH-142x Fil marqué Branchement
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    M ONTAGE Montage des Mitteltöners I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® 1. Schneiden Sie die richtige Lochgrö β e für den Mitteltöner/Woofer aus. • Für den PCH-44, ein 96,8mm Durchmesserloch• Für den PCH-54, ein 123,8mm Durchmesserloch• Für den PCH-64, ein 144,5mm Durchmesserloch
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    5. Montieren Sie den Lautsprecherring.6. Schlie β en Sie den Lautsprecher an und achten Sie darauf, da β die Polung stimmt. 7. Plazieren Sie den Lautsprecher und schrauben Sie ihn fest. Bitte achten Sie darauf, da βββββ der Lautsprecherkorb sich beim Festschrauben
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    Cut jumper wire for –3dB Ausgang vom Verstärker – 24 – – + + – + – ® ® ® ACTIVE TWEETER PROTECTION PCH-142x das abisolierte Kabel Verkabelung des TX-4186(Frequenzweiche/Hochton Sicherung) • das abisolierte Kabel zum “+” Terminal des Hochtöners Verkabelung
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    I NSTALLAZIONE Installazione del Midrange I NSTALLAT I ON ® ® 1. Praticate un foro adatto per il midrange/woofer • 96,8mm per PCH-44• 123,8mm per PCH-54• 144,5mm per PCH-64 2. Posizionate l'anello della griglia sul foro e segnate la posizione delle viti.3.
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    5. Posizionate la griglia spora il foro dell'altoparlante.6. Collegate i cavi facendo attenzione alla corretta polaritá.7. Posizionate l'altoparlante nel foro ed avvitatelo. Assicuratevi di non piegare il cestello dell'altoparlante. 8. Incastrate la griglia
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    Cut jumper wire for –3dB Uscita dell'amplificatore – 27 – – + + – + – ® ® ® ACTIVE TWEETER PROTECTION PCH-142x Cavi spellati Cablare il TX-4186(Crossover/Protezione del tweeter) • Il cavo spellato indica il positivo del tweeter Cablare il PCH-142x • Il cavo
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    N OTES
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    LIT978111/96 Rockford Fosgate Rockford Corporation 546 South Rockford Drive Tempe, Arizona 85281 U.S.A. In U.S.A., (602) 967-3565 In Europe, Fax (49) 4207-801250 In Japan, Fax (81) 559-79-1265 MADE IN THE USA This product is designed, developed and assembled

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