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    Please visit our Homepage on the World Wide Web for DigitalVideo Camera: For Accessories: INSTRUCTIONS DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA EN LYT1134-001A ENGLISH CONTENTS AUTOMATICDEMONSTRATION
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    EN 2 CONTENTS None Refer to the diagrams on page 40 and 42 while reading the instruction manual as all the controls,connectors, indicators and indications are numbered on the diagrams and those correspondingnumbers are used throughout this manual unless
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    EN 3 None None NOTES: ● The rating plate (serial number plate) and safety caution are on the bottom and/or the back of the main unit. ● The rating information and safety caution of the AC Adapter are on its upper and lower sides. WARNING:TO PREVENT FIRE
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    EN 4 None Do not point the lens or the viewfinder directly into the sun. This can cause eye injuries, as well as lead to themalfunctioning of internal circuitry. There is also a risk of fire or electric shock.CAUTION!The following notes concern possible
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    EN 5 NOTE: In order to maintain optimum performance of the camcorder, provided cables may be equipped with one or more corefilter. If a cable has only one core filter, the end that is closest to the filter should be connected to the camcorder. Audio/Video
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    EN 6 Automatic Demonstration takes place when“DEMO MODE” is set to “ON” (factory-preset). Ⅲ Automatic Demonstration starts when there is no operation for about 3 minutes after the Power Switch y is set to “ ” or “ ” and no cassette is in the camcorder. Ⅲ
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    EN 7 y r @ p Battery pack BN-V408U BN-V416U (optional) BN-V428U (optional) Charging time approx. 1 hr. 30 min. approx. 3 hrs. approx. 5 hrs. Power CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK 1 With the arrow on the battery pack pointing upward, push the battery pack slightly
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    EN 8 Grip Adjustment 1 Separate the Velcro strip. 2 Pass your right hand through the loop and grasp the grip. 3 Adjust your thumb and fingers through the grip, to easily operate the Recording Start/Stop button w and Power Switch y and Power Zoom Lever ^
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    EN 9 Q Shoulder Strap Attachment 1 Thread the strap through the eyelet e , then fold it back and thread it through the buckle. Repeat theprocedure to attach the other end of the strap to theother eyelet e located under the Grip Strap. Confirm the strap is
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    EN 10 ● It takes a few seconds for the cassette holder to open. Do not apply force. ● There may be a delay after you open the cassette holder cover until the cassette holder opens. Do not use force. ● If you wait a few seconds and the cassette holder does
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    EN 11 OFF (CHARGE) PLAY w $ t y r 180 ° 90 ° o 2 0 5m h 1 h 3 0 m 1 h 2 9 m 0 h 0 3 m 1 h 3 0 m 0 h 0 2 m (Blinking) 0 h 0 1 m (Blinking) 0 h 0 0 m (Blinking) ( ) Now calculating During shooting Basic Recording Perform the procedures listed below before
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    EN 12 TAPE RECORDING Power Switch Position : Allows you to set various recording functions using theMenus. If you want more creative capabilities than FullAuto recording, try this mode. (Full Auto): Allows you to record using NO special effects or manualadjustments.
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    EN 13 TAPE RECORDING Time Code During recording, a time code is recorded on the tape.This code is to confirm the location of the recordedscene on the tape during playback.If recording starts from a blank portion, the time codebegins counting from “00:00:00”
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    EN 14 TAPE PLAYBACK Blank Search Helps you find where you should start recording in themiddle of a tape to avoid time code interruption( ੬ pg. 13). 1 Load a tape ( ੬ pg. 9). 2 Set the Power Switch y to “PLAY” while pressing down the Lock Button t located
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    EN 15 ToS-VIDEO ) To AV * Audio/Videocable(provided) S-Video cable(optional) Connectorcover* * When connecting the cables, open this cover. ** The Audio cable is not required for watching still images only. *** Connect when an S-Video cable is not used.
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    EN 16 Night-Scope Makes dark subjects or areas even brighter than theywould be under good natural lighting. Although therecorded image is not grainy, it may look as if it isstrobing due to the slow shutter speed. 1 Set the Power Switch y to “ ” while pressing
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    EN 17 Fade/Wipe Effects These effects let you make pro-style scene transitions.Use them to spice up the transition from one scene tothe next. Fade or Wipe works when tape recording is started orwhen you stop recording. 1 Set the Power Switch y to “ ” while
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    EN 18 FOR RECORDING Snapshot (For Tape Recording) This feature lets you record still images that look likephotographs onto a tape. SNAPSHOT MODE SELECTION 1 Set the Power Switch y to “ ” while pressing down the Lock Button t located on the switch. Open the
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    EN 19 FOR RECORDING Manual Focus To obtain correct focus. 1 If you are using the viewfinder, you should already have made the necessary viewfinder adjustments( ੬ pg. 8). 2 Set the Power Switch y to “ ” while pressing down the Lock Button t located on the
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    EN 20 Iris Lock Use this function in the following situations: • When shooting a moving subject.• When the distance to the subject changes (so its size in the LCD monitor or the viewfinder changes), suchas when the subject is backing away. • When shooting
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    EN 21 USING MENUS FOR DETAILED ADJUSTMENT For Recording Menu This camcorder is equipped with an easy-to-use,on-screen menu system that simplifies many of themore detailed camcorder settings ( ੬ pg. 21 – 24). 1 Set the Power Switch y to “ ” while pressing
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    EN 22 USING MENUS FOR DETAILED ADJUSTMENT SNAP MODE Refer to “Snapshot (For Tape Recording)” ( ੬ pg. 18). GAIN UP OFF: Allows you to shoot dark scenes with no picturebrightness adjustment. [AGC]: The overall appearance may be grainy, but theimage is bright.
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    EN 23 USING MENUS FOR DETAILED ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM “ SYSTEM” functions which are set when the Power Switch y is set to “ ” are also applied when the Power Switch y is set to “PLAY” ( ੬ pg. 24). BEEP OFF: Even though not heard while shooting, shuttersound is
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    EN 24 USING MENUS FOR DETAILED ADJUSTMENT TIME CODE [OFF]: Time code is not displayed. ON: Time code is displayed on the camcorder and onthe connected TV. Frame numbers are not displayedduring recording. CLOCK ADJ. Allows you to set the current date and
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    EN 25 12 12 : 34 : 24 0 3 0 . 2 1 3 : 7 1 . 5 2 b i t / SOUND1 4 6 L USING MENUS FOR DETAILED ADJUSTMENT ON SCREEN setting:For playback sound,tape speed and taperunning. DATE/TIME setting:For date/time. Display MinutesSeconds Frames* * 25 frames = 1 second
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    EN 26 DUBBING Connectorcover* * When connecting the cables, open this cover. ** Connect when an S-Video cable is not used.*** If your VCR has a SCART connector To use this camcorder as a player ➝ use the provided cable adapter.To use this camcorder as a
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    EN 27 DUBBING Dubbing To Or From A Video Unit Equipped With A DV Connector (Digital Dubbing) It is also possible to copy recorded scenes from thiscamcorder onto another video unit equipped with a DVconnector. Since a digital signal is sent, there is little
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    EN 28 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT Slow-Motion Playback To allow slow-speed search in either direction duringtape playback. 1 To change from normal to Slow-Motion Playback, press SLOW (9) Y or (0) f more than approx. 2 seconds. After approx. 5 minutes (approx.
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    EN 29 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT Audio Dubbing The audio track can be customized only when recordedin the 12-bit mode ( ੬ pg. 21). NOTES: ● Audio Dubbing is not possible on a tape recorded in 16-bit audio, on a tape recorded in the LP mode or on ablank
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    EN 30 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT 3 4 09 25 1 8 7 6 5 4 ^ VCR(Recording deck) IMPORTANT Although the MBR is compatible with JVC VCRsand those of many other makers, it may not workwith yours or may offer limited functions. NOTES: ● If the VCR’s power does
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    EN 31 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT !@ 9 4 ) r# ● Make sure to set “S/AV INPUT” to “OFF” in the Menu Screen (GR-D31 only, ੬ pg. 24). ● Set the video out select switch of the cable adapter as required:Y/C : When connecting to a TV or VCR which accepts Y/C
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    EN 32 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT DIAGNOSING VCR/CAMCORDER TIMING 1 Play back the tape in the camcorder, then point the remote control at the camcorder’s remote sensor andpress R.A.EDIT ON/OFF r . The Random Assemble Editing Menu appears. 2 Perform Random
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    EN 33 SYSTEM CONNECTIONS To DV ! DV cable(optional) To DVconnector PC with DVconnector Core filter Core filter Connection To A Personal Computer It is possible to transfer video to a PC with a DVconnector by using provided software, softwareequipped with
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    EN 34 TROUBLESHOOTING The focus does not adjust automatically. • Focus is set to the Manual mode.¥ Set Focus to the Auto mode ( ੬ pg. 19). • The recording was done in a dark place, or the contrast was low. • The lens is dirty or covered with condensation.¥
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    EN 35 TROUBLESHOOTING The image looks like the shutter speed is tooslow. • When shooting in the dark, the unit becomes highly sensitive to light when “GAIN UP” is set to “AUTO” inthe Menu Screen. ¥ If you want the lighting to look more natural, set “GAIN
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    EN 36 The charger indicator on the camcorder doesnot light. • The temperature of the battery is extremely high/low.• Charging is difficult in places subject to extremely high/low temperatures. ¥ To protect the battery, it is recommended to charge it in places
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    EN 37 CAUTIONS Battery Packs The supplied battery pack is alithium-ion battery. Before usingthe supplied battery pack or anoptional battery pack, be sure toread the following cautions: 1. To avoid hazards . . . ... do not burn.... do not short-circuit the
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    EN 38 CAUTIONS Serious malfunctioning If malfunctioning occurs, stop using the unitimmediately and consult your local JVC dealer. The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlleddevice. External noise and interference (from a TV,a radio, etc.) might prevent it
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    EN 39 SPECIFICATIONS Camcorder General Power supply : DC 11.0 V (Using AC Adapter) DC 7.2 V (Using battery pack) Power consumption LCD monitor off, viewfinder on : Approx. 3.4 W LCD monitor on, viewfinder off : Approx. 4.7 W Dimensions(W x H x D) : 69 mm
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    EN 40 INDEX Controls, Connectors And Indicators OFF (CHARGE) PLAY 9 0 2 3 4 6 w e 5 T W 2 3 1 o u i p Q 4 5 6 7 # @ ! 0 9 $ % * ) ( ^ & w e r t y q W E U R I Y k g f T O P d s j l ; a h Viewfinder Speaker LCDmonitor Refer to this diagram while reading
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    EN 41 INDEX 1 • Remote Sensor The transmitted beam’s approximate effectivedistance for indoor use is 5m.The transmitted beam may not be effective or maycause incorrect operation outdoors or when theremote sensor is directly exposed to sunlight orpowerful
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    EN 42 INDEX LCD Monitor/Viewfinder Indications During Tape Recording During Tape Playback C E R SOUND b i t 2 1 5 : 55 6 w 1h50m 4 3 0 3 : 7 1 0 x W T 25 . 12 . 03 ! @ # $ 8 0 9 25 1 ^ * & ( % 2 3 4 5 7 6 w ) q 1 6 w 12 / 1 b i SOUND BLANK SEARCH VOLUME
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    EN 43 INDEX 1 Appears when the Power Switch is set to “ ” .................................................................. ੬ pg. 12 2 • : Appears when Night-Scope is engaged ..................................................... ੬ pg. 16 • : Appears when
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    EN 44 INDEX WARNING INDICATIONS (high) (exhausted) Displays the battery remaining power level. As thebattery power comes close to nil, the battery indicator blinks (battery power warning). When the battery power is exhausted, power turns off automatically.
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    EN 45 + – + – 1 2 3 AAA (R03)Battery x 2 Tab Using The Optional RM-V717U Remote Control Unit The RM-V717U remote control unit is provided with theoptional Remote Control kit RM-V717KITU, that alsocontains the Editing Cable required for RandomAssemble Editing
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    EN 46 A AC Adapter ................................................... ੬ pg. 7, 8 Analogue Input ......................................... ੬ pg. 24, 26 Audio Dubbing ................................................ ੬ pg. 29 Auto Date .......................................................
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    EN 47 INDEX S Self-Recording ............................................... ੬ pg. 12 Sepia .............................................................. ੬ pg. 16 Set Remote Control/VCR Code ..................... ੬ pg. 30 Shuttle Search ...............................................
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